Yoga Injury Prevention

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    Taking Aim At Preventing Yoga Injuries - yoga injury preventionHere is a Series of Articles by David Scott Lynn (DSL) discussing the Nature and Causes of Yoga Injuries and How to Prevent them:

    Many years ago, DSL used yoga successfully to get himself out of MUCH pain and various dysfunctions. He still uses it today to manage old injuries that had damaged his structure considerably and maintain the positive results he achieved. Yet other people, even World Class, highly trained teachers, have suffered yoga injuries.

    He also uses Yoga Therapy with Clients and originally based his system of yoga-based, hands-on bodywork therapy (known as Psycho-Muscular Release in his earlier days of teaching) on the principles of physical/mental & relational yoga, as he learned, primarily, from Joel Kramer. Joel was a foundational thinker and teacher in authentic American Yoga, a highly conscious yet non-mystical approach to integrating meditative mind with physical postures.

    Conscious Stretching Errors & Yoga Injuries

    Over-Stretching Can Cause Yoga Injuries - yoga injury prevention

    Is THIS An Over-Stretch?

    Upon learning how many people had suffered yoga injuries of various degrees from over-stretching, even “conscious stretching,” DSL set out to provide insights, information, and techniques on how to use it most effectively and simultaneously prevent related injuries.

    Hatha Yoga Basics | Medical Yoga Therapy and Bodywork | Yoga Injury Prevention

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