How To Not Get Stuck With A Pelvic Tuck!

How The Pelvic Tuck
Causes Disc Compression

There are many verbal instructions from teachers, instructors, coaches, and so on leading to compression, and eventual degeneration, of the Lumbo / Sacral Joint. They include “tuck the pelvis,” or “scoop the sacrum,” or “drop the tailbone,” or “lengthen the spine,” or “flatten the lower back,” or “draw the pubic bone toward the sternum,” and so on.

Do this often enough, with enough intensity, you will soon get stuck with a pelvic tuck.

What Muscles Are Involved In
Getting Stuck With a Pelvic Tuck?

don't get stuck with a pelvic tuck

LEFT-Neutral Pelvis — RIGHT-Posterior Tilt

What the Pelvic Tuck actually is, is a slight to moderate posterior (rearward) tilting of the pelvis, based on the very common Myth-Conception that too many people have excess lordosis and anterior tilt of the pelvis. For some people, after many repetitions over many years, that “slight to moderate” posterior tilt becomes a VERY posterior tilted pelvis.

Many disciplines are doing this pelvic tuck action with the FLAWED idea that it “protects the spine” or “stabilizes the core” or whatever: yoga, tai chi, Pilates, ballet, fitness, and so on are prescribing this action to their students and clients as “essential.”

The Muscles engaging to produce Posterior Tilt of the Pelvis are:

  1. The Abdominal Wall:
    Rectus Abdominus
    • Internal Obliques
    • External Obliques
  2. Hamstrings
    • Rectus Femoris
    • Semitendinosus
    • Membranosus
  3. Gluteals & Deep Rotators
    • Gluteus Maximus
    • Gluteus Medius
    • Gluteus Minimus
    • Piriformis
    • Gemellus, Superior & Inferior
    • Obturator Internus & Externus
    • Quadratus Femoris 

various muscles making you stuck with a pelvic tuck

ALL of those muscles are exerting compressive forces on the hip joints. Once the habit of holding the pelvis this way develops — via chronically contracted muscles — those compressive forces are compressing the hips ALL of the time.

And if you include the action of psoas muscle described in the video up above, then the lumbar spinal discs get chronically compressed as well.

It’s also a good way to mess up the Pelvic Floor. That’s because people who are engaging all the above muscles are usually pulling up on the pelvic floor, as well. (That’s the same action as Kegel Exercises.)

I go into all of this more extensively in other articles and courses, but I call this one of the Health Care Tragedies of the 20th Century.

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