The KEYS to Yoga Injury Prevention are also
the KEYS to Maximizing Results from Yoga.

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Application of these Teachings will take Yoga to new heights in the Western World. … The DSL Method makes profound sense.

~ Lesli Hunter
Yoga Teacher & Student
Sedona, Arizona

Causes & Solutions of Yoga Injuries are a Major Focus of DSL Edgework.

Many years ago, DSL used yoga successfully to get himself out of MUCH pain and various dysfunctions. He still uses it today to manage old injuries that damaged his structure considerably and maintain the positive results he achieved.

Later on, David was dismayed to discover, paradoxically, how many Yoga Teachers, even World Class, highly trained teachers, had suffered significant injuries to the point they needed surgery. … David resolved to do something about this problem. Especially since there were so many people who had RELIEVED their pain with yoga.

Yoga Teacher: Do No Harm
Including To Your Self!

David first did yoga at 19 years of age, way back in 1973, in great part to relieve stress, tension & pain in his muscles from years of heavy construction work. Yet he was also interested in the meditative component as taught by Joel Kramer, Jiddu Krishnamurti and the Zen-Buddhist Martial Arts Masters.

After a One-Month Intensive on Yoga taught by Joel Kramer and his Life-Partner, Diana Alstad in 1976, he began teaching Yoga at 22 years of age. He soon began incorporating yoga into his also developing hands-on bodywork techniques.

In fact, his system of yoga-based, hands-on bodywork therapy (known as Psycho-Muscular Release in his earlier days of teaching) was originally based in great part on the Physical / Mental / Relational Yoga principles & practices developed and taught by Joel & Diana. … Joel was a foundational thinker, philosopher and teacher in authentic American Yoga, a highly conscious yet non-mystical approach to integrating meditative mind with physical postures.

David also uses Yoga Therapy with Bodywork Clients.

In turn, what David learned from doing bodywork with a Yogic Mindset greatly influenced his approach and method of Yoga. And of course, his Yoga Method, Let-Go Yoga, has become an effective form of therapy in itself.

Many of his Clients experience great improvements using the Myo-Structural Yoga Therapy System that is part of Let-Go Yoga. The principles of BIO-Structural Analysis inform the Yoga Therapy on which muscles to work with and in what sequences.

The DSL Method of Bodywork [now known as DSL Edgework] was Developed as an Externally Applied Form of Physical, Mental & Relational Yoga.

~ David Scott Lynn

David’s passionate interest in anatomy and physiology as they relate to yoga has sparked my own curiosity and deeper investigation into these areas. His depth of understanding as to how the body operates, and how it responds to yoga practice filled gaps in my own understanding as a yoga teacher.

I like his 10 principles for maximizing results and preventing injuries while practicing yoga asana, which emphasize safety and honor individual needs.

David’s experience as a yoga teacher, bodyworker, trainer, and passionate student of the human body make him a valuable resource for yoga teachers looking to expand their knowledge and learn sound principles on which to practice and teach yoga. I appreciated that David encouraged us never to just accept his ideas on anatomy and yoga, but to test them for ourselves, in our own bodies and with our students.

~ Ben Cohen, Yoga Teacher
Newton, Massachusetts

Myo-Structural Yoga Therapy is
NOT “Routine”
 or “Protocol” Based

There are very few in the way of preformatted “routines” or “protocols” in his approach. Each Client is observed and evaluated in their current, unique status, and each Yoga Therapy Session is custom tailored during the session.

David uses Advanced Structural Anatomy, Functional Kinesiology, and the Physical Laws including vector forces, gravity, tensegrity, and fluid dynamics to analyze how a person’s structure is working or breaking down. He also uses the Principles of Neuromuscular and Myofascial Physiology & Neurology to see and evaluate the influences of the neuro-musculo-fascial control systems.

This produces a holistic view of what is happening in the Clients BodyMind, and …

Better Answers
to the Puzzles of
Posture, Pain & Dysfunction

Conscious Stretching Errors
& Yoga Injury Prevention

Upon learning how many people had suffered yoga injuries of various degrees from over-stretching, even “conscious stretching,” DSL set out to provide insights, information and techniques on how to use it most effectively and simultaneously enhance yoga injury prevention.

taking aim at yoga injury prevention - yoga girl in deep stretch with bow and arrow in her legs & feet

DSL has taught in the last 3 teacher training programs I have run this year [2003]. I chose him for the Anatomy & Physiology part of our training because of his yoga background and orientation. I have observed him and participated in his classes in each one of those trainings and have the highest regard for his expertise and knowledge of the body and ways to approach asana. He brings an awareness of how injury occurs in the first place and what role yoga is able to play in healing the body. He brings a depth of knowledge that is unusual to find and a way of teaching that allows students regardless of background to understand and utilize the principles in their teaching of yoga. He is very respectful and pays particular attention to all levels of safety for his students. In my opinion, he definitely should be considered as having mastered the teaching of yoga …

 ~ Ruth Hartung
Director & Instructor
7 Centers Yoga Arts
Sedona, Arizona

[PLEASE NOTE: Ruth has unfortunately passed
away and I am no longer teaching at 7 Centers — DSL]

David Scott Lynn is a bodyworker extraordinaire. His knowledge of the structure of the body and the way the muscles cooperate with each other in their movement has prompted us to put him on our faculty as the anatomy professor in our Yoga Teacher Training Program. His work is state of the art and goes way beyond most traditional understanding of how the physical body operates. His patience and genius in working on me has changed my awareness of myself. His work is lasting and his selflessness is amazing.

~ Gary Majchrzak
(Former) Co-Director 7 Centers Yoga Arts
Sedona, Arizona

Below is a Series of Articles by David Scott Lynn (DSL) discussing the Nature and Causes of Yoga Injuries and Prevention. The same principles also work to MAXIMIZE Results with Yoga as well.

    • Infographic on Common Yoga Injuries
    • Yoga Injury Prevention-The DSL e-Report

While DSL’s concept and execution of body work is nothing short of amazing, it is his approach to yoga that has been life altering for me. The profound yet subtle changes have reinvented not only my own practice, but the way I teach yoga as well. Of all the yoga techniques I’ve studied in the past 30 years, not only are David’s methods what I’ve been searching for, but the feedback from my students is equally as positive. I’m excited about teaching yoga again.

~ Nan Araneo
Yoga Teacher
Rockport, Massachusetts
Former Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

You can learn about the full DSL Edgework Therapy system HERE:

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* DSL: Your High Touch Uplink to the Inner-Net*
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