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Reality Is, Yoga Injuries are becoming more common. With increasing numbers of people who are not really physically fit trying yoga, or people with health or medical conditions being referred to yoga by their doctors, or Baby Boomers getting into aggressive yoga classes, it was bound to happen. … And yes, it's happening.

Especially since it's becoming more well known that highly trained, widely experienced, World-Class Yoga Teachers are turning up with hip & knee replacements, spinal surgeries and other problems.

And many of these are teachers who are well-versed in so-called "Proper Alignment" and Mindfulness. And they've read over and over about "Ahimsa" — non-violence and non-harming — probably hundreds of times.

If these highly trained and successful yoga teachers are having major problems, what are the odds that the average person is going to get through a life of yoga without trouble?

Fortunately, the numbers we know of indicate the percentage of injured yoga practitioners is probably quite low compared to the overall yoga population. And while yoga injury is probably an underreported phenomena, yoga turns out to be, most likely, safer than golf!

But as you'll see in the DSL Special e-Report on Yoga Injury Prevention, more attention needs to be paid to this issue.

And that we do. … In Fact, Paying Attention turns out to be one of the most important elements. But there's obviously a lot more to it, if some of the top yogis in the world are having problems. They have an entire life and profession dedicated to paying attention.

So what happened to them? Do you think hip or knee replacements came about because they had a few fleeting moments of inattention now and then? Not likely. Especially because ONE of them whom I know personally is probably one of THE most people in the entire world at Paying Attention.

So the idea it's about "misalignment" or "inattention" makes no sense to ME at all.

But then, what is it?

Simply put, they like the feeling of being deep into yoga postures.

Relative to other factors, they were going too deep, too fast, for too long.

And because they are so flexible, they could take their bodies to range-of-motion that was probably not the best idea on earth.

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Beginning at 13 years of age, DSL's been involved with alternative philosophies & practices most of his life. Becoming a yoga teacher in 1976, then a hands-on bodyworker in 1981, he developed a unique & highly effective form of Yoga / Bodywork / Whole Health Fitness & Therapeutics. … David wrote the chapters on a wholistic philosophy & physiology of bodywork & stretching for the textbook Structural Balancing, published by McGraw-Hill, Inc. in 2010. … He is the author of Simple Steps to Let-Go Yoga, available at: www.letgoyoga.com/simple-steps/ … Several other e-books and e-courses are soon forthcoming at www.letgoyoga.com/dsl-publications/ … David consults with Kyle C. Wright on massage school development at the Schools of Advanced Bodywork at http://kylecwright.com/structural-balancing-a-clinical-approach/co-author-dsl/ .
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