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I certainly hope you get a lot out of your Min-e-Course on The 9 Natural Laws of Yoga. Like a lot of my other materials, I’ve gotten very positive feedback on it, too, so I hope you find it interesting and useful. I write these Min-e-Courses with the intention you can easily apply them in Your Daily Life and the Doing of Yoga.

And if you’re a Yoga Teacher, Educator or Therapist, you should find some very useful ideas & insights, too.

 Now, if this is your first Min-e-Course, and you are not familiar with e-mail subscriptions, you might want to check out the following page:

How To Use a Min-e-Course

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So if you don’t know how to do that, you might find it useful — and not just for my emails, either — to check into it.

And you might be surprised if you open up your Junk e-mail folder and see what’s in there!

The page on using Min-e-Courses will also give you ideas on how to set up your e-mail box so you can keep my messages to you organized and accessible, in case you want to refer back to them in the future, or send them to someone you know.

Again, That Link About Whitelisting Is HERE.

 Some Other Pages: My OTHER Min-e-Courses

Now, if you haven’t found them already, you might also find great value in my other FREE Min-e-Courses. Like the course you signed up for on Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension, they’ll give you more insights into how the human body works in health, in yoga, and when the body breaks down. 

You’ll also have a stronger foundation to base your practice on because of the anatomical & physiological sciences, as well as Real Life Principles, you’ll probably want to incorporate into your thinking, action and yoga.

Since we’re starting from a more physical foundation, everything is grounded in how you move, feel & function in day-to-day life. You’ll not be relying on mystical, supernatural or spiritual principles that might or might not be relevant to you.

So, please check out the pages with detailed information on my other Min-e-Courses at the following links:

If you already know you want to Subscribe to another Min-e-Course, and don’t need any more details, you can go to the Fast Subscribe page right HEREwhere there is a sign up box for each Min-e-Course.

If you’ve not come across them yet, you might also like my various pages on the Causes & Prevention of Yoga Injuries. Though not a Min-e-Course at this time, the very same principles of injury prevention are also what help you maximize your results in yoga, too. The same principles can be applied in Fitness & Exercise Routines, as well.

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If you’d like to know a bit more about me and how my system of Yoga/Bodywork Therapeutics was developed, you can go to the History & Bio Page HERE.

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