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Min-e-Course # 1. The 9 Natural Laws of Yoga

A Western Viewpoint on the
Essence, Values & Benefits

of Physical/ Mental Yoga
Applying to ALL Human Beings in ALL
Societies, ESPECIALLY for the
Western Body, Mind & Culture
in Modern America
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Min-e-Course # 2. How C.E.M.&.N.T Weighs You Down

BodyMind Breakdowns and
What is C.E.M.&.N.T.?

(Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension)
Why Is It a MAJOR SOURCE of Pain, Poor
Posture & Dysfunction?
How Does It Become A CENTRAL
FOCUS of Yoga & Health Care?
PLEASE CLICK HERE If You Need More Insight into C.E.M.&.N.T. (Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension)  before Subscribing to the Min-e-Course


Min-e-Course # 3. Posture & Structure
[COMING SOON!] The True Source of Great Posture
& A Fully Functional Structure.

How & Why We Lose It? …
Why “Weakness” Is Seldom the Issue?
The Skill of, and Necessity for,
BIO-Structural DE-Compression
PLEASE CLICK HERE If You Need More Insights into Achieving Effortless, Great Posture & Structure Before Subscribing to the Min-e-Course.

On the Differences Between “Min”-e-Courses (Shorter & FREE)
and “e”-Courses (LONGER, more In-Depth, PAID)

WHAT IS an “e”-Course? … At The Heart of my programs are a Series of in-depth e-Courses on various aspects of yoga. They are delivered electronically via a combination of website and email. And, because the e-Courses are “e”-lectronically delivered via the internet and web, I call them “e”-Courses.

WHAT IS an “Min-e”-Course? … I also have a few much shorter, concise, e-Courses that are, well, “mini.” They are delivered to you, for FREE, directly to your e-Mail box. So, I’m calling them “Min”-e-Courses. (Mini-e-mail-Courses.) These courses will help set the foundation for what I’m doing with you and for you in the world of yoga and many related topics.

If the Min-e-Courses are interesting to you, and you want to go deeper into this approach to yoga, here are some of the topics for my larger e-Courses:

  • FUNdamentals of Yoga — Principles & Practice
  • YogasAnalysis — Deconstructing Yoga Postures
  • Yoga-based Medicine & Therapeutics
  • Yoga-based, Hands-on Bodywork
  • Yoga, Bodywork & Alternative Health Sciences*
  • Mind, Meditation & Philosophy
  • Alternative Health Care Principles,
  • and, if you are inclined toward the more technical . . .

* Scientifically validating the physical realities behind nearly everything I teach.*

These larger, more complete, in-depth e-Courses are located on my Member’s Website at
and YES, there IS a Fee* for them 

* For the time being, the larger e-Courses won’t cost a lot of money. I’m actually afraid I’m giving them away too cheaply. But I’m hoping you’ll like them and spread the word so I can charge each individual a smaller amount of money, and make it up in volume. … And, to be honest, all this is somewhat experimental.

Your early participation at the lower costs will help me Develop & Refine the Material I’m presenting so it’s Relevant & Useful to YOU. I taught this material in-person for many years, but doing it over the internet, obviously, is a bit different. Your inputs will make these courses even better for future participants. 

AND … Your Help in doing so Will KEEP the Prices LOW.
If you can help me spread the word, and enough people
sign up, we might be able to KEEP the prices low!

BUT WAIT! … You Can GET STARTED with the DSL Basics
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 How Reliable is the Information?

* On the “Validity” of What I Teach … Yes, there are a few things in yoga-related fields that can, somewhat, push the boundaries of physical sciences. Yet I try to not teach stuff that is “out there” partly because I am myself quite a bit skeptical** about a lot of the so-called alternative “sciences” and practices. I’ll converse about that kind of stuff, but if I am not highly certain about something, I do not represent myself as an expert on such.

But I’ve found there are VERY few, if any, things or concepts in physcial, mental or relational yoga that cannot be explained by some well-established sciences, of medically accepted anatomical, physiological or neurological process. … The main difference is, though I’m using much of the same information and science as the doctors, they seldom look at the human body and healing from the “alternative” point of view. So, if they are not looking from the same point of view — that the human body is a primarily self-healing system, then they will never come up with the same observations and conclusions.

About the only area where there is some borderline stuff is in my Tai Chi/Chi Kung work where we might get into issues about “subtle energies” and discussing JUST what ARE they, really?

** But a True, Philosophical Skeptic is someone who does not believe things blindly, yet is open to examining any evidence, regardless about his or her beliefs about it. Wikipedia includes that Philosophical Skepticism is “an overall approach that requires all information to be well supported by evidence.”

That’s a lot different than someone who’s just a “knee-jerk skeptic,” someone whom can-NOT be convinced no matter what the evidence. The DSL Method believes that a healthy “philosophical skepticism,” in the sense described above, is necessary to truly understand how the world and the human beings within it actually function, ESPECIALLY when trying to teach it to another human being. Even more especially when their individual health & well-being might be at stake.

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Your FREE Occasional/Weekly e-Letter On Physical/Mental Yoga (Also Known As Conscious Stretching) and Therapeutic Let-Go Yoga includes information and commentary on:

  • The FUNdamentals of Physical/Mental & Relational Yoga
  • The DSL Method of Let-Go Yoga
  • Mental Yoga & Body-Mind Integration
  • Preventive Yoga Therapeutics
  • Yoga Related Sciences
  • Commentary on Related News
  • Yogic Views on Social Issues
  • Offers On and What’s Available from the DSL Yoga Website

Thanks for Reading and Take Care,
David Scott Lynn (DSL*)
*DSL: Your Hi-Touch Up-Link to the Inner-Net
Inner-Net: Your Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Soft-Tissue Network

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