Western Wholistic* Medicine & Natural Healing
from a Yogic Perspective

Yes, it might sound contradictory, but there are Western forms of Medicine & Healing that can embrace, or be embraced by, a Yogic Perspective. That is, IF you use the more ancient, philosophical and etymologically complete definitions of the words yoga and medicine.

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A Philosophy & Science Of Yogic Medicine & Healing

As are many forms of alternative/wholistic health modalities, WITHOUT focusing on the symptom or condition itself, The DSL Method has resolved a surprising number of problems often referred to by the orthodox medical community as “diseases.”

The very use of the word disease, like the word tension, often implies that there is some-Thing trapped inside the person, and that it is the physician’s job to track down and get rid of, kill or otherwise disable the “Thing.” This attitude or approach led to early allopathic medicine — interventionist by its very nature — being called the Heroic school of medicine, like a Knight in Shining Armor with swords drawn coming to the rescue of the poor victim.

This medical philosophy arises in part from Louis Pasteur’s Germ Theory, putting the blame for illness on a bacteria, virus, parasite, etc., which allegedly attacks the body. This may indeed, and very often does, happen. Yet, the question is, why do some people exposed to the same germs get sick and others do not? The answer is, in many if not most cases, Resistance. Where does resistance come from; and how does it get lost or stop working?

The Father of the Host Theory of Medicine

Antoine Bechamp, a contemporary of Pasteur, was an early originator of the Host Theory of medicine, claiming that good health is, in great part, the ability of the body to maintain a proper balance of incoming nutrients and outgoing waste matter.

Most are normally occurring scavengers or parasites — bacteria — whose job is to clean up metabolic waste. Most bacteria or parasites will live in the healthy body in small quantities to help maintain the delicate balances of nutrient input and waste removal necessary to proper metabolism and health. (This is not to mention the necessary quality of the nutritional inputs, seldom considered by orthodox approaches: drug, radiation and surgery based medicine.) If there is no accumulation of waste matter, most scavengers cannot proliferate because they have nothing to eat.

Giving Scavengers Something More To Eat . . . !!!

However, when internal processes break down from inadequate or low-quality food, from stress, tension, or ingestion of toxic matter, then waste products accumulate in the tissues. The scavengers have more to eat, allowing them to multiply and proliferate. Scavengers produce their own waste matter which they eliminate into the system of the human host. The toxic accumulations eventually overwhelm the system. Many so-called diseases are merely the symptoms that arise when parasites, bacteria, etc., are allowed to proliferate beyond their normal limits, overwhelming the human system.

Though There ARE Germs & Toxins . . .
It’s More Often About YOUR Metabolic Resistance

To a great degree, then, Resistance remains high in those whose nutrient inputs/waste outputs stay in balance, AND, who are not subjected to excessive stress, toxic materials, chemicals, etc., that interfere with this balance. In such cases, disease is more a matter of toxicity than contagion. The excess germs are the by-product, not the cause, of the disease. … If everyone is eating more-or-less the same most of the time, they all tend to get sick in the same cycles. But it looks like contagion!

Is this the reason for every illness or disease? NO. … Are there infectious agents that can kill otherwise healthy people regardless of the strength of their resistance or constitution? Of Course. … There are certainly many chemicals and substances that can do so.

But depleted resistance is a primary reason for a large number of conditions that plague mankind in modern times, especially the chronic degenerative ones; enough so that much modern illness could at least be reduced with proper metabolic and stress management. And many people have been around infectious diseases without picking up that disease themselves. The strength of their metabolic resistance is a, if not THE, critical factor. There are several examples of allegedly viral diseases that were later found to be caused by toxic reactions.

Homeopathic Key #1 . . .
Remove the Obstacle to Cure

Removing the Obstacle to Cure is one of those DUH! kind of things. However, what much, if not most, of modern medicine does today is ignore the obstacles to cure, and just try to put a patch on things, or alter the chemical transmitters so you don’t feel the problem, or remove the offending body part with a sharp knife, laser or radiation.

There s little or no focus on lifestyle modification. This only covers up and distracts the patient from the core problem.

One objective of wholistic or homeopathic healing, however, is to restore and keep one’s internal processes operating at optimum levels, constantly bringing in fresh, vital nutrients, and cleaning up toxins.

One key to do this is through various Detoxification Processes. You must remove the toxins and substances that are interfering with your resistance and immune function.

. . . STRESSED . . . for Distress . . .

You must also reduce the physical and mental stresses that cause the body and mind to lose their efficiency. The simple element of stress can cause many small to large problems and untold damage throughout the system.

Much disease is actually dis-ease being uneasy in one’s body from stress, tension, and metabolic breakdown. Negative effects of inappropriately managed stress and overuse of sympathetic (fight or flight) nerves, is well documented by authors such as Hans Selye in The Stress of LIfe.

Relieve STRESS with Let-Go Yoga

One objective of DSL Yoga/Bodywork/Whole Health Therapeutics is to relieve psychomuscular, neuromuscular, myofascial, and sympathetic stress, tensions and imbalances interfering with natural nutritional and detoxification processes of the body, restoring it to proper health. As the body relaxes and the parasympathetic (healing & restorative) nerves kick in, the body’s own systems heal the affliction.

Homeopathic Key #2 . . .
Low-Dose Therapeutic Inputs

Another principle from homeopathy is that of low-dose therapeutics, also called hormesis in modern medical research. See More at …

The Edge of Yoga

A proper philosophical orientation is critical in managing various illnesses, or their prevention. If one thinks in strictly interventive terms, he or she will always choose a medicine, surgery or other external means to treat an illness, ignoring the more naturally and wholistic, prevention based alternatives.


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