• The Quality of Paying Attention to what ever it is happening or being done
  • The Bringing Together (yoking) of Mind & Body into an integrated system
  • The Expressions of Spiritual — however defined — Energies, Actions or Awareness
  • The Coordination/Harmonization of My Self with the Human Beings around me
  • The Integration of Relationship between me, other human beings, and all aspects of my environment

Please See the Series of Articles on What IS Yoga?


The root of the word medicine is the Latin mederi, which means, literally, to measure, to moderate, to meditate to cure. Real Medicine, as DSL uses the term, is about developing an Inner Measure and ability to Moderate one’s internal processes. So-called modern medicine works in direct opposition to this concept by developing an emphasis and dependency upon outer means of diagnosis and treatment, an outer measure controlled by an External Authority, usually requiring expensive equipment.


The Whole Picture or Process. Embracing and accounting for all aspects of an entity or process.

The “proper” term, holistic, is often said by New Age theorists to be derived from the root words holy or hologram. They imply that you can look at one part of the system and see the properties or characteristics of the whole system. This is a stretch of linguistic integrity, and in some cases opposite its original meaning.

Holistic … characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. Medicine characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the physical symptoms of a disease. … From the New Oxford American Dictionary

So, in an effort distance myself from the more fringe New Age interpretations, I have been using the extra W — W-holistic, to reinforce that the W-holistic phenomena derives from the Whole or Big picture, and that observation of the parts often will NOT tell you the whole story.

The tendency in nature is to form wholes that are greater
than the sum of the parts through creative evolution.

. . .  Jan Smuts, 1926
Holism and Evolution

Homeopathic/Natural Medicine

Means, literally, treatment by similars. Homeopathy is designed to trigger a patient’s natural, internal healing processes. Classical Homeopaths would help a Client  remove the Obstacles to Cure before or while administering the non-toxic homeopathic remedies. This included helping the patient develop proper life-style measures, dietary and nutritional practices, internal skills, and appropriate attitude. Unfortunately, many modern practitioners of Homeopathy are using it in an Allopathic fashion. They often don’t even mention removal of the Obstacles to Cure.

Allopathic (“Modern”) Medicine

Means, literally, treatment by contraries or opposites. Rather than work with the body’s natural processes, Allopaths use means that are interventionist, and that work, generally, in opposition to internal & natural healing processes. For example, rather than teaching a patient how to relax their muscles, the Allopathic physician prescribes muscle relaxers, drugs which are toxic to the system. Rather than teach and help a patient detoxify, they will surgically remove a debilitated body part, or introduce toxic substances designed to kill “bad cells.” It in inherently interventionist, usually intrusive, and, historically, Authoritarian and Interventionist by nature.

What Is A Microgenetic Moment?

A phenomena occurring when neurophysiological impulses arising from the body meet emanating brain waves, producing a healing moment, letting go of the mental, physical and/or emotional past.

More On Microgenesis Coming Soon . . .
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