Over the years, especially in the mid-1980s, David Scott Lynn has worked closely with a number of alternative oriented physicians, including medical doctors, osteopathic, and chiropractic physicians. These experiences greatly expanded his knowledge and view points on the range of philosophies, possibilities and practices available from different approaches to medicine and the healing arts.

Doctors appreciate David’s skills because for certain problems of certain people, the best solution is reduction of C.E.M.&.N.T. They have found David’s work to be among the best solutions available to such issues.

Having had experience with many different body workers, David’s technique is certainly unique. There are levels of healing he achieves I’ve never seen before. This is clearly a result of a vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology combined with decades of hands-on experience.

Dr. John Bordiuk, Nutritional M.D.
The Marino Center, Wellesley, MA

(Dr. Bordiuk was a Yoga Teacher before attending Medical School)

I have worked with many soft tissue therapists over the years. David Scott Lynn is the only one educated and skilled enough to do what I want with full confidence that the job will be done. My patients definitely feel the difference.

Gary Fujinami, Doctor of Chiropractic, Prescott, Arizona

I use it all of the time. David’s work is very effective in helping to maintain spinal manipulations.

Helen Heyden, Doctor of Chiropractic, Roselle, Illinois

I read David Scott Lynn’s e-book which I highly recommend for every Massage Therapist (and Yoga Teacher) and I was amazed at how intricately he delves into and emphasizes, over and over from various angles, how our work mostly works to affect the Nervous System in a variety of ways. … He explains nervous system and myofascial relationships brilliantly!

Doctor Michael Koplen, Chiropractor & Former Massage Therapist, Capitola, California

David’s seminar was a great functional anatomy review for me. It has given me new insights into my patents’ chronic postures and how to help them better. It is a great adjunct to chiropractic and bodywork.

Leanne Apfelback, Doctor of Chiropractic, Chicago, Illinois

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