Work with David Scott Lynn 1-on-1
by e-Mail, Telephone & Skype to:

  • Re-Design Your Professional, Body-Centered Health Care Practice
  • Deepen & Widen Your Skills as a Yoga Teacher & Educator
  • Integrate Let-Go Yoga into Your Private Yoga Therapy
  • Become Proficient at YogasAnalysis™ & BIO-Structural Balancing™
  • Incorporate Yoga Into Your Private, Hands-on Bodywork Practice
  • Ensure YOUR Body is Protected with Your Own Self-Care Program
  • Accelerate Your Knowledge on the Supporting Physical Sciences
    • Structural Anatomy
    • Functional Kinesiology
    • Neuromuscular & Myofascial Physiology
    • Psycho-Muscular Neurology
    • Metabolic Support Systems
  • The Business of Life & the Life of Business
  • Deep Insights into *Yogic Marketing*


David Scott Lynn (DSL)
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