Developing Better Insights & ANSWERS to
the Puzzles of Posture, Pain & Dysfunction

I’ve known and worked with David Scott Lynn since the 1990s. His ability to help my Clients with otherwise unresponsive problems has been very helpful, and sometimes amazing. His knowledge about, and ability to explain, complex anatomical & physiological concepts has added dramatically to my understanding of how the human body works — or breaks down — in a fitness training program. …

And he doesn’t just teach it, he DOES it.

~John J. Dyrek

  — For the Professional Fitness Trainer —

An Integrated System of Principles, Sciences & Techniques of
Neuromuscular, Myofascial & BIO-Structural Therapeutics

As an Adjunct to Fitness Training, a Systemized Approach for Understanding and Working with Posture, Pain & Dysfunction in Older or Therapeutically Challenged & Injured Clientele …

Focusing Primarily on BIO-Structural Balance, Effortless Great Posture, Reduction of Tension & Stress, and Activation of the Parasympathetic Processes for Self-Healing & Regeneration …

All In the Context of Fitness Training & Preventive Practices.


  • Integrate Stretching Into a Complete Fitness Program
  • Prevent or Resolve Musculoskeletal Stresses or Injuries
  • Work w/ Older Clientele in Non-Stressful, Effective Ways
  • Create Self-Care Programs for Clients & Your Self


  • Evaluate Posture w/ Innovative & Effective Systems
  • Visualize Inner-Workings of Neuro-Myo-Fascial System
  • Deep Knowing of How Body Breaks Down, How To Fix It
  • Coordinating w/Physicians on Client/Patient Needs
  • Educate Your Clients w/ Easy to Understand Concepts 
Every Muscular Contraction — Every Movement & Action — unless dissolved via an Equal & Opposite DE-Contraction, contributes to C.E.M.&.N.T.*, the source of many of your Clients’ aches, pains & dysfunctions, and a Primary Focus of the Natural Healing Process:
* C.E.M.&.N.T. = Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension

Developed & Presented by David Scott Lynn (DSL)
The DSL Method of Yoga/Bodywork/Whole Health Therapeutics

 You’ve heard the stats many times. The Baby Boomers are more interested in Fitness & Health than ever before. Yet they are NOT looking to get bulked up or lift a ton of weight. They just want to look and feel Fit & Healthy. And more people — including physicians — realize Exercise & Stretching are vital to repairing new & old injuries, relieving Poor Posture, Aches, Pains & Dysfunction. So now … they’re coming to YOU. … But, what do you do with them?

Over the years, John J. Dyrek, a long time Personal Trainer in Chicago, had many discussions with DSL about the need for more wholistic, therapeutic, age-targeted approaches to Fitness Training (FT), something John has explored relentlessly for decades. DSL’s extensive, deep knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology and how it all works in health & breakdowns convinced John it was time to bring a broader & deeper based approach to FT. This brings a wider range of understanding & techniques for Trainers to work with their Clients. … And, John himself wants to be further trained in such, and supports this program.

Cross Training in Prevention & TherapeuticsDSL developed a series of seminars & processes setting You on the path toward deeper & wider knowledge, plus a set of skills, allowing You to be more valuable to therapeutically challenged and/or older Clientele. You’ll become deeply knowledgeable & cross-trained in these areas:

No More Pain or Poor Posture

C.E.M.&.N.T. … Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension is THE Problem for many Clients’ poor posture, pain and/or dysfunction. Yes, muscle contraction/tension is the source of movement, action & stability. Yet paradoxically, chronic, excess muscle tension is a barrier to resolving many issues. But properly addressed, it’s very responsive to  Your assistance. And, the same principles also enhance physical performance when incorporated into what you already know & do in FT. Once you understand C.E.M.&.N.T., you’ll see everything in your Client’s body in a very new and effective light.

HEALTH vs FITNESS Paradox Ironically, the most FIT Clients often have the most structural and/or metabolic issues. It is possible to get so fit, adding so much tension & stress to your various systems, you actually diminish your health. The DSL program expands your ideas of how the body breaks down, even when you think it’s getting healthier! And, of course, what to DO about it, including finding Inner-Balance Between Fitness & Health. Health-Fitness-Spectrum

Parasympathetic Nerve Activation Self-Healing & Immune Functions are controlled by parasympathetic nerves (PSN) that can “weaken” or “burn-out” with too much sympathetic activity or exercise. Until PSN is restored, the usual exercises work in op-position to PSN healing. Most important, PSNs respond best to low-dose activity, in turn best activated by micro-doses of gentle, relaxing movement. Join us, and you‘ll learn to integrate Micro-Movement Strategies & Techniques to Restore & Train Your Clients.

Joint & Tissue Compression One affect of C.E.M.&.N.T. is over-shortened muscles exerting mild to severe pressures on various body tissues. Results are wide-ranging, from “pseudo-weakness” to loss of balance to feelings of arthritis to disc herniation, etc. It’s a long list of possible symptoms/dysfunctions. And, C.E.M.&.N.T. can be The Key to unlocking such problems. Ironically, much common yoga & stretching actually increases compression, causing what they claim to relieve.

Compressing-Buoying Joint

Restoring Natural Forces People often think poor posture & movement result from “weak muscles.” Not usually. Great Posture is built in by nature at birth. We’ll learn how to restore such lost capacities via Structural Balancing Strategies.

Unique Principles of Movement & StretchingLearn subtle, powerful, yet Little Known Principles & Techniques, discovering what Your Clients can do in Fitness & Prevention, to Restore & Enhance, to Relax & Lengthen muscles & fascia, to Release Natural Forces, to DE-Compress & Structurally Balance at every opportunity.

Conscious Stretching & DE-Compression with
Therapeutic Micro-Movement Exercise

The best tools for relieving C.E.M.&.N.T. are Conscious Breathing, Micro-Movements & Stretching. But not just any old stretching or movement “therapy.” DSL’s comprehensive approach helps Clients Let-Go of Tension, Stress & Habit Patterns and restore ParaSympathetic Nerve (PSN) function. We incorporate Conscious Breathing and Micro-Movements into the process. In part because so much tension & stress is initiated by the Brain, being more Conscious Of & Responsive To internal sensations & actions becomes a focal point of exercise, stretching & training in general. It’s where Self-Awareness allows you to work with C.E.M.&.N.T., rather than against it.

Cross-Training Between Disciplines = Leading Edge Innovation

DSL is an opportunity for YOU to become a Leading Edge FitnessTrainer. … Many experts in many industries know that a vital, primary driver of creative innovation and higher results is ideas from one industry imported to another. What’s “old” for one is ground breaking for others. 

SO, the more You know about other systems of exercise, stretching & therapy, the more you’ll understand, creatively improve and expand upon whatever you already know and use. The DSL Method offers you a unique opportunity to widen & deepen your knowledge and develop uncommon skills from an already wide-ranging, cross-disciplinary system. YOU will be better prepared to take Fitness Training to a New Level, becoming even more valuable to your Clients.

We’ll start with solid foundations of WHO we’re working with, and the changing dynamics of therapeutically challenged or older Clientele. As well, you’ll be far better equipped to communicate & work with physicians. 

Then, with SOLID SCIENCES from orthodox sources, we’ll explore WHY the DSL ideas are critical for going to the next level in Fitness Training. It is important to note, however, from a PREVENTIVE point-of-view, the same principles help your healthy & young Clients stay that way!

Then, we’ll go into HOW to do the evaluations & techniques naturally derived from the science-based principles, as well as DSL’s 30 years of experience working therapeutically.

What You’ll Learn @ The DSL Method

The Health/Fitness Spectrum & C.E.M.&.N.T.Blackboard-Teacher-Posture-w:space

What is chronic, excess muscle tension, why it does not easily go away — Paradox & Conflicts between Fitness & Health, How to find a balance — Critical difference between Muscle TONE and Muscle TONUS, affects on your Clients — What do Brain & Mind contribute to muscle action and C.E.M.&.N.T.? — The Hard Body Mythology

Principles & Sciences to Reverse C.E.M.&.N.T. 

What is Relaxation, Really? Golgi Tendon Organs & Renshaw’s Cells — Myth-Conceptions of muscle “elasticity.” What fascia does/does not do — Why muscles do NOT truly “s-t-r-e-t-c-h.”  Actin/Myosin units, Pseudo-Weakness & Active Insufficiency — Parasympathetic Healing vs. Sympathetic Activation (The 4-F System)  — F-3: Fewest Fibers Firing for Ultra-”Effecticient” Action

Tools & Techniques for C.E.M.&.N.T.

  • Conscious Stretching & Let-Go Yoga
  • Touch-Assist to Deepen Stretch
  • Long, Slow Conscious Breathing
  • Tai Chi/Chi Kung Movement Therapy
  • Hands-on Manual Release Techniques

CORE Structural DE-Compression

BIO-Structural Analysis & Postural Evaluation

You’ll learn basics of a comprehensive system of determining what’s REALLY going on in your Client’s body, and how muscles really work and interact with each other.

We’ll examine what The CORE really is (from the DSL point-of-view, anyway), and what’s missing from modern training, yoga & fitness methods.

We’ll dispel myths, such as, Poor Posture comes from “weak” muscles, and why “strengthening” people out of posture or pain problems often increases compression & C.E.M.&.N.T. and potential dysfunction.

You’ll see why Relaxing & Lengthening before Strengthening is often the best strategy. And for those Client’s with intractable pain or dysfunction no one’s been able to help, you’ll know pos-sible solutions most therapists & trainers, even physicians, do not.

The FIVE Basic DSL Stretches Plus Variations …

for DE-Compressing the CORE and overall structure. This is minimum # of stretches to keep the structure de-compressed & balan-ced. Some Clients need more customized stretching, which your evaluations (see above) can contribute to designing.

 LOGISTICS for the DSL Intensive Course

Presentation of this course is over two Sunday after-noons, 6 hours of actual Training, 1.5 hours per session. We’ll take three 20- minute breaks. Bring food & beverage if you like.

An Optional 3rd Sunday is available for those interest-ed in hands-on, adjunctive techniques. While it might not, due to legal concerns, be appropriate to perform such work with Clients, this workshop will dramatically expand your sense of what you’re really dealing with in muscles & facia, as well as the nerves and brain controlling them, and how to work with them.

$325 100% Money Back Guarantee … if You Decide by end of 1st half of 1st Day

$225 — ($100 off) if working at Sponsoring Facility. 

3rd Day: Additional $150 or $100

BONUS for Attendees: A PRIVATE, 3 Hour Session with DSL: $135/100

Author Image: David Scott Lynn (DSL)

David Scott Lynn (DSL)began martial arts & meditation in 1967 at age 13 in the South Suburbs of Chicago. During his teens, he raced motocross & was a structural steel ironworker, a foreman by age 18. He began practicing yoga at 19, became a yoga teacher in 1976. Traveling the country for several years, he studied massage & body-work with some of the top people in America. DSL began Private Practice on LaSalle Street in 1981. Severe back pain no one could help him with caused him to re-think most of what he had learned, developing his unique & effective system of therapy in the 80s. He taught his system across America in the 90s. Along the way, he’s extensively studied neuromuscular & myofascial anatomy, physiology & pathology. He’s had Clientele & Students from many states & countries.

David Scott Lynn (DSL)
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