Application of David’s Teachings will take Yoga to new heights in the Western World. . . . The DSL Method makes profound sense.

Lesli Hunter • Yoga Teacher & Student • Sedona, Arizona

YOGA for the WEST of US . . .
Making Yoga RELEVANT . . .
For the Western Body, MInd & Culture . . .
And the Thinking/Feeling/Acting Human Being . . .

You Too, Can Master The Principles and Practices
That Maximize Results . . . . While Minimizing Injury
In the Practice (and Teaching) of Physical/Mental Yoga*
Regardless of Which System of Yoga You Practice
OR . . . If You Are Just Getting Started with Yoga

(* Also Known as Conscious Stretching or Mental Yoga, meaning simply that our nerves & muscles
are to a GREAT DEGREE controlled by our Brains and our Minds. To prove this, clench your fist.
Now, unclench your fist. That was a Contraction, then a DE-Contraction (or Relaxation) of your
muscles. Your MIND and BRAIN did that. … That kind of stuff happens all day long, except
at a semi-, un- or non-conscious level. Therefore, to fully change the way our nerves &
muscles work, to fully RELAX, we must engage our Brain & Mind in the process.)

If You Are NEW To Yoga or Conscious Stretching
and Not Exactly Sure WHY To Do It . . .
Please Choose One of These Two Links:

For 21 Reasons on WHY To Do Physical/Mental Yoga or Conscious Stretching

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Do You Have Issues with
Poor Posture, PAIN
or Dysfunction?


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If You Already Know WHY You Want To Do Yoga,
Then Please Take A Moment With Me
To Imagine Your Near Future . . .

As You Sink Deeper Into Your Yoga Posture,
You Smile Inwardly, With A Well Deserved Sense Of Satisfaction . . .

Fully engaged in creating your own, individualized “Perfect, In-the-Moment Yoga Posture,” you are Playing Your Edge, also known as Being with What Is — discovering, not forcing, your internal sense of alignment – working up to and with, yet not exceeding, your natural physical and mental limitations.

Not attempting to out-perform other students, nor yourself, you are getting stronger and more flexible, more coordinated and agile, without building excess, or ANY, tension or stress.

If working on your own, rather than rely on the instructions of someone else, you allow your own body to tell you and take you where it needs to go, awarely exploring and spontaneously dissolving physical and mental tensions and stresses along your way. Rather than Follow The Leader, you are your OWN leader.

As you internally explore your neuromuscular and myofascial tensions, sensations and resistances, many of which you’ve never felt or noticed before, you sink deeper into your yoga postures than ever, feeling and releasing Tensions, Stresses & Habit Patterns you didn’t even know existed, that you could not even feel, let alone process . . .

Until YOU Learned How . . .

As you discovered the profound benefits of doing some of your yoga with less intensity, working with your Minimum to Moderate Edges before approaching your Maximum Edges …

You quietly, confidently explore unique and subtle variations and modifications you’ve learned and developed with your own, internal experiences and insight. … Variations spontaneously and dynamically shifting and changing from moment-to-moment. … Variations you learned, and sometimes self-created, based on your unique circumstances and your new-found Knowledge & Experiential Skills, of how the human bodymind REALLY works in posture, movement and asana. . . .

While DSL’s concept and execution of [his yoga-based, hands-on system of] bodywork is nothing short of amazing, it is his approach to yoga that has been life altering for me. The profound yet subtle changes have reinvented not only my own practice, but the way I teach yoga as well. Of all the yoga techniques I’ve studied in the past 30 years, not only are David’s methods  what I’ve been searching for, but the feedback from my students is equally as positive. I’m excited about teaching yoga again.

Nan Araneo • Yoga Teacher
Rockport, Massachusetts
Former Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

You’re developing new kinesthetic and tactile skills — a deeper and more precise sense of how you feel, how you move, of what’s happening inside your BodyMind. You’ve incorporated physical and mental skills along with the 12 Principles for Maximizing Results, enhancing your benefits from that “perfect asana” — safely exploring your limits — discovering your true, organic source of proper alignment that naturally occurs when activating your internal Lines of Energy. … Yet you are, with the very same techniques, Minimizing Your Risk of Injury.

David’s passionate interest in anatomy and physiology as they relate to yoga has sparked my own curiosity and deeper investigation into these areas. His depth of understanding as to how the body operates, and how it responds to yoga practice, filled gaps in my own understanding as a yoga teacher. I like his 10 principles [now 12] for maximizing results and preventing injuries while practicing yoga asana, which emphasize safety and honoring individual needs. David’s experience as a yoga teacher, bodyworker, trainer, and passionate student of the human body make him a valuable resource for yoga teachers looking to expand their knowledge and learn sound principles on which to practice and teach yoga. I appreciate that David encouraged us never to just accept his ideas on anatomy and yoga, but to test them for ourselves, in our own bodies and with our students. (emphasis added)

Ben Cohen
Yoga & Yoga Anatomy Teacher
Newton, Massachusetts

Your mind no longer runs from body-part to body-part, attempting to place, push or prod your body into that so-called Proper Alignment — an approach you now know doesn’t really work all that well. . . .

  • Especially when trying to quiet your mind. . . .
  • Or finding true structural integrity in your Body. . . .
  • Or have a wholistic, integrated experience of your Body, Mind and Environment.

You Learned That Ida Rolf* Was Right! . . .
That MUCH of Yoga Actually Compresses the Joints
and Stresses the Musculo-Fascial Tissues of the Body!

(Ida Rolf, Founder of Structural Integration, also known as Rolfing®, built her work on principles of Yoga.
Yet after many years, she decided to stop recommending physical yoga, believing it compressed the
joints of the body. Unfortunately, Ida was exactly right, given the way so many people practice
— or even teach — yoga.)
Now that you’ve learned to work with your tensions and resistances, rather than against them, you’ve been progressing further and deeper than ever, yet relaxing more fully, too. At the same time, you’re preventing any short or long-term injuries that far too many people — including many yoga teachers — used to develop from doing yoga too aggressively, with poor BIO-Structural Dynamics (which is NOT about aggressively precise, pre-determined, or forced alignment). Before learning The DSL Method of Let-Go Yoga, you did not realize that the willful quest for so-called “Perfect Alignment” was very often a major cause of injury.

Yes, there were, and are, many yoga practitioners who would strive for that perfect posture & alignment, but were building far too much subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) tension & stress in the process. They were unknowingly pushing their joints where their muscles and tendons were not yet ready to go. Yes, even though many of them got VERY flexible, their flexibility was masking the hidden, subtle tensions, stresses and strains accumulating, over the years, in the background. Tensions that eventually caused a wide-range of physical stress and problems — even injury — in many people.

They were, without realizing it, developing stability through rigidity, rather than stability through fluidity. Yet you’ve learned that this Rigidity leads to the many future problems of excess muscle tension. Truly fluid, energetic, precise movement and action, and great posture, is the result of releasing the natural forces already existing in your body from birth, forces not needing to be learned, but re-discovered and recovered. … Like how to work with gravity, rather than against it.

Most people did NOT know the Inner BodyMind Dynamics of what works, and what does NOT work, in physical yoga practice. They were doing what most everyone thought was accepted as factual and correct, even scientific. Yet you took the time to learn about, expand and deepen your understanding to SEE and FEEL and KNOW what happens in your human bodymind during your yoga practice … and Life In General.

You now know where effortless, great posture & energetic, coordinated movement really come from, as well as the causes of & solutions for many aches, pains & dysfunction that too many people suffer from. You know why sit ups, crunches and other so-called “abdominal strengthening” exercises actually cause far more trouble with posture and pain — and bad backs, necks and shoulders — than most people, even physicians, realize.

David’s work is amazing! A year ago I was hardly able to move due to severe back pain (this was not the first time). The doctor prescribed, once again, physical therapy and though I practiced these PT techniques for months, my pain grew stronger and my ability to move lessened. I then hired David Scott Lynn and within a short time I not only felt relief, but my standing, walking, sitting, and moving postures had improved. Now, 12 months later, I seldom feel pain and move with ease, freedom, and flexibility; moving in ways I never imagined were possible a year ago. Thanks to David, I have a daily pain-free yoga, standing, walking, and sitting practice, and I have new methods to share with my students. David’s knowledge is extraordinary! David’s techniques work!

Diana T. Kyricos
Kripalu Yoga & Pilates Instructor
Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Your foresight, and your quest to BE on the Leading Edge of Yoga, led you to discover and apply principles, practices and therapeutic keys — the Inner BodyMind Dynamics — rather than the many Myth-Conceptions so many used to (and many still do) believe and practice.

This has kept you safe in the midst of great gains from practicing a combined form of physical/mental & therapeutic yoga. A system based on well-established principles of Western physical & medical sciences, wholistic medicine, and human nature, as well as Essential Insights from the East.

Knowing the combined perspectives a small handful of leading structural, neuromuscular and myofascial bodyworkers know, plus your growing knowledge from traditional and modern approaches to yoga, your knowledge and skills are greatly expanded — as are your abilities to get the results you want for Your Own Self and Experience.

David is a Master Bodyworker who continues to be invited back here over and over by clients who love his work! His yoga workshops help one to get into their body and experience the principles of how yoga and the body works.

Sandy Aquila • BodyMind Therapist &
Omaha Healing Arts Center
Omaha, Nebraska

The results you achieve in your personal practice are going through great and positive transformations. So much so that other yoga practitioners are asking your advice now, too. Family and Friends are asking what your new Secret is.

Application of David’s Teachings will take Yoga to new heights in the Western World. …
The DSL Method makes profound sense.

Lesli Hunter
Yoga Teacher & Student
Sedona, Arizona

One opportunity to go down this path is by way of DSL’s FUNdamentals of Yoga and Let-Go Yoga™, a modern and unique — some say revolutionaryLeading Edge System of Physical/Mental Yoga informed by the practices and sciences of hands-on, structural bodywork plus orthodox medical sciences and various approaches to wholistic medicine. A system building upon and expanding the systems you already use, rather than replacing them. … A system that enhances your abilities the very day you begin to explore it.

And if you are just beginning in yoga, DSL Let-Go Yoga provides a strong foundation for learning and developing your way of doing yoga. If yoga teachers find it essential, so will you.

This is an essential course for anyone who is serious about teaching yoga. David presents the information in an interesting, insightful and amusing manner. I want to learn EVERYTHING David knows, that’s why I’m coming back for more!

Lucy F.
Iyengar Style Yoga Teacher
London, England

Now, I’m about to ask you to do something that will help You and Me both.

It will help YOU because you’ll gain an opportunity over several weeks, but in small, easy to digest amounts, to learn more about what I have to offer you, and at NO COST, except your first name and e-mail address. Each week, my FREE Occasional e-Letter will contain or refer you to an article I’ve written that I hope will add to your knowledge and insight, and contribute to your skills; as a new or long time yoga practitioner.

As part of your subscription to my free e-Letter, I’ll send you my 5-week e-Course on what I call The 9 Natural Laws of Yoga. You’ll receive a different law every three to four days, and get a much better idea of what The DSL Method of Yoga — some 30 years in the making — is all about. (Actually, the e-Course is ten parts if you include the very first Welcome e-mail I’ll be sending as soon as you sign up.)
When you Sign Up, you’ll be joining dozens — and soon to be hundreds :-)) — of yoga practitioners, yoga teachers and bodywork therapists around the world who’ve made Quantum Leaps in their understanding of how yoga works, and how to use and work with it.

Get Started TODAY in Deepening Your Knowledge, Insights & Skills in Physical & Mental Yoga, Let-Go Yoga and many Related Topics:

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Let-Go Yoga & DSL Edgework

Not Ready to Sign Up Yet? … Okay. … Click to the Next Page and Read On about the DSL approach to improving the state of your bodymind with Conscious Stretching, a different name for Physical/Mental Yoga.Thanks for Reading,
David Scott Lynn
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