AGING: Just Don’t Do It! …

Is AGING Inevitable? . . . Is Aging a Natural Process? . . .
Or Is It Something We ALLOW To Happen By Default?

On Aging, Maturing, and Getting *OLD*

AGING: Changes Occurring from Chronological Passage of Time

MATURING: Development & Improvement of the Whole Self Over Time


Most people would gladly accept maturing IF . . .
they did not have to “Age” or “Get Old”!


  • Proper & Sufficient Nutrient Input (air, water, food, supplements)
  • Continual Detoxification of Internally & Externally Generated Waste Products and Foreign Matter
  • Reduction of Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension (C.E.M.&.N.T.), Physical/Mental Stress & Counter-Productive Habit Patterns
  • Increasing neuromuscular/myofascial Response-Ability to prevent, as much as possible, accidents and trauma that might otherwise be avoided.

BodyMind Breakdowns:
Why Tension (+ Toxicity) = Old Age

Maturing versus Aging
Aging, as we commonly think about or experience it, is not inherent, we allow it to happen — it is the accumulation of various conditionings throughout life that we fail to take account of, and don’t perform the correct actions for reversing it’s otherwise inevitable affects and effects. … It’s like the DEFAULT result of never changing the oil in our car.

Most of us, when we speak of aging, are focused more on the breakdowns of body and mind than we are on the passage of time. I am here making a distinction between maturing with the passage of time and the breakdowns that appear on the surface to be inevitable with the passage of time.

Yet maturing implies getting wiser and more competent as time passes. Maturing implies that we become better able to handle the problems and challenges of life, and usually in a more graceful and intelligent way. We might lose some muscular strength, but there are many examples of people who even maintain much or all of their strength till very late in their years.

Most people, I suspect, would be perfectly okay with Maturing if they did not have to Age or Get Old!!!

Aging, as I am using the term here, is the accumulation of various negative conditionings throughout life that lead to breakdown of various types of soft and hard tissue and metabolic processes. Much of aging happens only because we fail to take proper and/or full account of it, and don’t take proper action against it. We allow it to happen by default.

There are, of course, exceptions. People are exposed to external influences that speed the aging process, sometimes quite rapidly, and sometimes there is little or nothing we can do about it. Trauma from car accidents, gun shot wounds, severe falls, radiation or chemical poisoning, and so on, can damage tissue that accelerates the aging process. Sometimes, there is little we can do to fully reverse or normalize the damage. And of course, there are those who have an unfortunate genetic predisposition or congenital disease that shortens their life dramatically, or makes it painful or very uncomfortable.

Tension Plus Toxicity Equals Old Age
So I am not saying that ALL factors that cause the body and/or mind to breakdown are due to neglect of things we could have handled had we done the right things. However … much of what we call aging could be avoided if we were to take basic measures such as Tension Reduction Strategies like proper stretching, relaxation and various kinds of meditative processes. Or proper diet and detoxification, having better, more intimate relationships, being in touch with a higher purpose, having more fun in general, and so on.

Aside from these external accidents and unfortunate events of life, many factors contribute to Aging — nutritional deficiencies, toxic overloads, excess muscle tension, etc. Some we can do something about, some not. The point is that many of the modern chronic degenerative diseases, in many people, can be reversed, eliminated or prevented if we just do the “right things.” So much of it does not just happen to us, we allow it to happen.

I do not mean that this is intentional. Most of us have never been educated in these things, and have no idea what to do, or that anything can be done. But it is very clear that so much of this Aging thing is not inevitable.

In this chapter (if you’re reading the e-Book or e-Course), we’ll be looking at a case of how muscle tension interacts with metabolic toxicity, how toxicity relates to muscle tension, and how to think about covering all your bases. … It’s way too easy to discover one modality that positively affects one aspect of a problem, have the pain go away, and think everything is all better. Maybe yes, maybe no. But there is often more to it.

I’m not going to talk a lot about toxicity here, because the primary focus of the DSL Method of Yoga & Bodywork is Muscle Tension. There are many sources out there about nutrition and detoxification, and because muscle tension is my specialty, and so little is out there on this topic, I felt it best to focus on that.

But we will need to address it a bit and here is why: You need to get a handle on the Big Picture, to have a better idea of all the possibilities and how to think about them as you go through life. I do not want you to think that I think that muscle tension is the primary cause of everything. Muscle tension causes a lot of things, far more than most people realize. Therefore I want to give you a wider scope so you can explore other avenues along with the possibility that muscle tension is or is a part of your problems.

A Wholistic View — Tension, Deficiency & Toxicity
The Bottom Line is that I personally believe that the vast majority of human degenerative diseases, symptoms, syndromes, etc., are caused by either excess muscle tension, or by nutritional deficiencies, or by toxicity’s, or some combination of the three. If you want to maximize your time on earth, and maximize the quality of your life, you must, over the course of your life, be vigilant to make sure that they do not become your problem. You must learn to look at the whole picture, taking as many factors as possible into account, and acting on what you see and/or feel.

MUCH More Information on this topic is included in the BodyMind BreakDown e-Book & e-Course

Thanks for Reading & Take Care,
David Scott Lynn
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