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Is there anything I can help you with? … Maybe you just changed your mind? If so, is there anything more you need to know to make a final decision? You got this far, maybe you just need more information about the material?

OR … maybe the order process at PayPal or on my web site broke down midstream? …

Things like that happen, unfortunately. And I’m not much of a high-tech guy. So far, I’m doing this all alone, and at this point I’ve learned just enough to get this thing running. That’s on top of writing the book, a major project in itself! So maybe there’s something I need to fix? … It would actually be very helpful to know that.

So, if you’d like some questions answered, or if something got in your way I can fix, Please Contact Me via the Contact Form below. If I can help you with anything, I’ll certainly do my best to do so.

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If you want me to call you, please include your phone number.

Thank You Very Much for Getting THIS Far, though.
I Look Forward to Hearing From You. Take Care,

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