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    WELCOME to Your Min-e-Course! I’m glad you made it!

    This web page will give you ideas and information on how best to use your Min-e-Courses.

    This e-mail also covers all the Legal Stuff I’m required to inform you of.

    If you already know about things like Whitelisting, and how to Organize Your e-Mails when they arrive from me to your e-mailbox, and if you already trust that I’m not going to be spamming you, or you’re clear on my Legal Policies, then you probably don’t need to read any farther. But if you are not familiar with such things, please read on …

    FIRST …

    An UN-SUBSCRIBE Link is at the BOTTOM of EACH E-MAIL You Receive.

    SECOND …

    WHITE-LISTING … Making Sure You Get the Messages I Send You:

    1.) You may have heard of White-listing. To reduce SPAM as much as possible, many internet service providers
    automatically delete any messages they suspect to be SPAM. A computer does that, and it does not know you. As a result, a LOT of what they call False Positives get
    deleted before they even reach your e-mail box. You’ll never even know they were sent to you. This is good for keeping too much SPAM from showing up in your e-box, not so good if you actually want what you have signed up for. … Like this series of articles.

    To make sure messages from me get through the spam
    filters to your e-mail box, it is recommended you add me
    to the Address Book or Contact List at your e-mail service
    provider and the e-mail program on your computer.
    Here is a link to a description of how to do all that:

    2.) Also … Please put me in the Address Book of your
    program that is actually on your computer (Like
    Apple Mail, Outlook, etc.). That prevents *spam mistakes*
    from being happening on your computer.

    If you are on a Mac … you would go to Contacts (formerly
    Address Book and separate from Apple Mail) and add me there.
    Or, there is a menu right in Apple Mail allowing you to add me
    to Contacts (Address Book) right from your Mail program.
    There is also more info on how to do all that at the above
    linked web page on white-listing.

     If you use Windows on a PC … The Whitelisting page will
    tell you how to manage that. Yet you should be able to access an
    address book or contact list through your e-mail program, and
    put me in there.

    3.) Next Item, Please Go to the section of your e-mail
    program that manages NEW FOLDERS or DIRECTORIES.
    (If any of this is new to you, there should be a HELP
    button or menu you can search for HELP on how
    to do this.)

    Create a New Folder and name it something like DSL or
    DSL Yoga or Let-Go Yoga, or what ever works for you.
    This way, whenever you receive a message from me, you
    can move it to that Mailbox Folder and be able to refer
    back to it when necessary.

    Okay {!firstname}, I’ll wait right here till you get
    that done …

    <<<tap, tap, tap>>>

    GOOD! No time like the present, right?

    Now, whenever a message from me comes in, you can place
    it in that Folder — after you read it, of course. You never
    know when you will want to re-read it or forward it to
    a friend.

    There is also a LEGAL and MEDICAL DISCLAIMER
    in each message, but here it is, just in case:

    LEGAL and MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: This content is offered
    under 1st Amendment Rights to Free Speech and is presented
    for informational purposes ONLY. It is NOT intended to offer
    a diagnosis or to recommend or suggest treatment for any
    illness or disease. It is NOT intended to replace the advice
    of a competent doctor who is trained in the sciences &
    skills related to the ideas described herein.

    If you feel you have an illness or disease, please consult
    your physician regarding, and BEFORE, the application of
    any of the information presented herein.

    This information DOES NOT constitute an offer to provide
    any kind of personal services other than the information
    provided via these e-mails and any related web sites or
    information products. — Please feel free to ask your
    physician to contact us if he or she has any questions
    about this information.

    And here is the Complete Disclaimer Access Page:

    Legal Notices & Disclaimers

    THIRD …

    Here is my Brief PRIVACY POLICY:
    I will never give or sell your contact info to anyone.

    And here is the Complete One:

    Please scroll down to the end of this email.


    Well, the Short Answer is, I’ve been doing hands-on
    bodywork and yoga therapy professionally since 1981.
    I started teaching yoga in 1976. I got into alternative
    studies when I was only 13 years old, a LONG time ago
    in people years!

    I have a reputation for solving neuromuscular & myofascial
    problems of people who’ve been given up on by many of
    BOTH orthodox medical and alternative healing practitioners.

    I have worked with Clients and Students who’ve tried many
    kinds of therapy: NMT, myofascial, acupuncture, chiropractic,
    and so on, as well as having tried several kinds of drugs.

    Some of my clients have done much of that plus surgery,
    too. Sometimes more than one. Yet when they get to me,
    nearly ALL of them have received significant improvements
    beyond what they had previously achieved, if not complete
    reversal of their problems.

    Here’s what Dr. John Bordiuk a Medical Doctor who was
    a yoga teacher before he went to med school says about
    my work:

    “Having experience with many different bodyworkers,
    David’s technique is certainly unique. There are levels
    of healing he achieves I’ve never seen before. This is
    clearly a result of a vast knowledge of anatomy and
    physiology combined with decades of hands-on

    The Longer Answers as to how I might help you is
    available at my website, under the
    Testimonial and the Bio/History pages.

    Thanks Again for signing on for your Min-e-Course.

    Take Care,
    David Scott Lynn
    DSL: Your Hi-Touch Up-Link to Your Inner-Net*
    *Inner-Net: Your Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial System

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