The DSL Method is revolutionizing and uniting the worlds of yoga and bodymind therapy. I have found that this original system is a practical way for both recipient and practitioner to maximize the benefits and minimize the potential injuries from both yoga and bodywork. Through the ongoing process of learning about my Edge, I have been able to expand my awareness and to bring the practice of meditation into daily life activities. At the deepest level The DSL Method represents significant advances in the work of emotional clearing, including opening the possibilities of healing through microgenetic moments.

Jenny Dysart, Sedona, AZ
Lifetime Client & Yoga/BodyWork Student

Microgenetic Moments: the convergence of forces of nerve energy and memory patterns (especially pathological) from the brain down and the body up resulting in a healing moment.

David Scott Lynn’s gift is extraordinary. Not only did his personal brand of body work restore me to physical balance and freed me of life-long chronic pain, he went on to instruct me in the art of yoga. Sensitively and amazingly knowledgeably, David taught me how to help myself maintain and build upon all his solid achievements. David is a natural, and I’ll be forever grateful that our paths crossed.

Marc J. Lane, Chicago, Illinois
Internationally Known Finance & Tax Attorney

Thanks again for the incredible bodywork session you gave me last week! You have an amazing gift and I hope to be able to support you as much as possible.

Travis K. Robinson, Boulder, Colorado
Former Publisher: Yoga in the Rockies Magazine

I am very thankful to David Scott Lynn for helping me find a form of stretching that I actually look forward to doing each morning. There is a great freedom in his unique type of therapeutic strtetching in which gravity becomes the healing force rather than effort. I can feel my spine stretching and my entire body feeling flexible and alive after these sessions, which augment David’s highly effective body work.

Regina Campbell, Sedona, AZ
PBS Producer/Host, Regina’s Vegetarian Table

In the summer of 2001, there were especially large waves in Baja California. After bringing spares out to some ocean kayakers that had fallen out of their kayak and lost their paddles in the heavy surf, I myself became caught in the big rollers. I was pushed into some rocks by the waves, and spent several minutes holding against the rocks with my right arm while holding the kayak with my left hand, letting the kayak absorb the wave energy to prevent my body being smashed directly into the rocks.

After the big set of waves, I pushed off and was able to get away from the rocks and into the beach. Unfortunately I had apparently damaged the muscles and tendons in my shoulder, and I became unable to raise my right arm without a great deal of pain. This condition continued for six months, during which time I had numerous chiropractic adjustments and massages in an attempt to rectify this debilitating problem. Nothing seemed to help.

Then I was introduced to David Scott Lynn, who explained to me the anatomy of the shoulder rotator cuff structure, which no one ever had before, including doctors. We began sessions to facilitate the healing of the muscles and tendons in that shoulder, and in a few weeks with half a dozen treatments, my shoulder was returned to full function.

Running into David at that time was most fortunate, I was able to resume my kayaking, and have had no troubles ever since.

Juan de la Rosa, Financial & Legal Logistics
San Jose, Mexico

On an extensive skiing trip over the winter, I suffered what felt like a torn rotator cuff, the other shoulder was separated, my elbow was injured along the lines of tendonitis, and I severely pulled a muscle in my knee. Several months after I returned, I had not made much progress and thought I was in for a long and painful healing process. Yet in just a few treatments from David, I regained much lost strength and range of motion, the pain has reduced dramatically, and I am, with David’s help, recovering much more quickly and thoroughly than with anything else I have tried. … As a bonus, after working on my forearm one time, my handwriting has improved dramatically.

Craig Bishop, Prescott, Arizona
Real Estate Developer and Investor

David’s muscle therapy is both invigorating and relaxing. His technique creates a rejuvenating feeling and allowed my muscles to relax more easily than with other massage techniques I have experienced. After a short time working with me and my staff, I invited David to become part of our Family of Friends and offer his services and seminars through our Internet Cafe.

Steve Whisenhunt, Prescott, Arizona

David Scott Lynn improved my shoulder dramatically after I had been suffering from a pulled tendon for over a year. Two chiropractors had brought it up to about 70% recovery but were unable to get it further. David did so within six sessions.

Hiram Lawrence, Prescott, Arizona

I’ve had neck, shoulder and back problems for years. In 3 short treatments, David released the tension and restored movement in my neck. And, working on my neck has released my lower back and hip pains!!! . . . I am amazed at how well David’s unique techniques work. Additionally, after many treatments from many practitioners over the years, my boy friend’s many years of hip pain went away in one treatment.

Lana S. Skull Valley, Arizona
Reflexologist & Nutritional Counselor

I suffered from arthritis pain for over twenty years. I went to many different chiropractors, massage therapists and natural healers. With David’s technique, he has released a lot of musculoskeletal tension. I have an increased sense of well being.

David F., Chino Valley, Arizona

What I received from DSL — I received a better understanding of how to effectively stretch the body and to stretch muscles that I have had a hard time getting to, or didn’t even consider to be a vital component of a potential structural problem. I was more aligned after his session and had a better idea of what I needed to do to take responsibility for not only my own body but my life and to make more effective decisions for myself and my life. I felt very empowered on many levels. I highly recommend Davids hands-on work and his classes to anyone looking to better their life and to make positive changes.

Brian Wellenstein, Omaha, Nebraska

Since doing the BodyWork and Yoga with David, my posture has improved, I am taller, and back and neck pain from injuries can no longer gain a hold of me. David’s work has deeply and profoundly benefited me and my experience of life.

Louise Novell, Chino Valley, Arizona

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