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Your Guide to the Essentials
of DSL Yoga & Let-Go Yoga™

This page will be your guide for getting to know the basics of how DSL Let-Go Yoga™, and yoga in general, works, and what it will do for you. Yes, there is a lot here, and some of it is quite a bit technical. But this website is for those of you who want to really dig deep into how yoga and the human body actually work.

After spending some time here in these web pages, and then, in the On-line e-Courses, you will have …

A Superior, In-Depth Knowledge of the
Workings of the Human BodyMind

Facts & Insights RELEVANT to
Physical/Mental & Therapeutic Yoga. . . .
And NO, This is NOT Just A Re-Hash of Old Ideas

Like my LIVE, In-Person Trainings, this site will NOT be just a rehash or restatement of old ideas told in new ways or with slight twists and tweaks, or nicer pictures. In fact, if nicer pictures or fancy artwork are your thing, this is not the place. And if you are looking for Pretzel Yoga, it ain’t here. (Although many people have told me they are able to get far deeper into their postures, with less stress and strain, with more complexity, and more safely, with my methods.

So it WILL help your Pretzel Yoga, if you want it to.)

What I will have here is very informative text and illustrations, very soon animations, and then, when this site gets rolling and more popular, audio/video. (It’s early visitors and adapters like you who will make this happen, because you’ll get to interact with me on developing what YOU need next to make this experience work best for you.

And of course, because you’re on the Leading Edge here, you’ll pay a LOT less money than after the development of this website is more perfected. That takes a lot of time and a little money. But we can work that out as we go.

And I’m by no means an artist or hi-tech video producer … not yet anyway. (But like the Samurai Swordsman of old, art might someday become part of my yoga.) Right now, though, we’ll have to settle for quality of unique and useful information.

For now, if stuff like this is good enough for you, we’re good to go, because I have a LOT of it:

Triangle-Lines of Energy

My new e-book, Simple Steps to Let-Go Yoga, has a lot of well illustrated concepts such as the above triangle pose. This one is demonstrating what Lines of Energy are all about.

Yes, some of it will be somewhat technical, but it will be information helping you be a better practitioner of yoga. If the really technical aspects of yoga, and the sciences behind them, do not really interest you, if you just want to feel and meditate your way through, hoping you will just Get It, and not think too much about what you’re doing, then this is probably not the website for you. … You will not get this more analytical stuff by osmosis or prayer.

Now, if you think “analysis” is too linear or rational to be “yogic,” think about this, please:

The word analysis, broken down etymologically, means:

  • ana: apart
  • lysis: to loosen 

So another meaning of analysis is to loosen apart. … One could also say that too loosen is to relax.

Sounds pretty much like yoga to me.

In physical yoga, we’re loosening apart the muscles, fascia and other soft tissues of the body with our postures (or asana). And I believe that since so many or our tensions & stresses result from our mental & emotional processes, they are more fully resolved and let-go-of if we engage the mind in the process or our physical/mental yoga practices.

You’ll see that we often set new and different contexts for what yoga is all about, too.

Now, WHAT is the Point of all this? … Well, I have some possible Visions for You. But these are only suggestions as to what’s available. Hopefully you’ll be telling ME what YOU rally want and need. But I have to start somewhere. So here are some Examples:

My Vision for You . . .is that you’ll be learning skills, insight and information very different than what most people are doing and teaching in the context of physical and mental yoga. … And you’ll feel positive results like you’ve not felt before.

My Vision for You . . . is that you’ll be able to speak with anyone among your family and friends, or groups of people, and they will quickly realize that you ARE knowledgeable, and that you know what you are talking about,and that you might be able to help them. Because you speak to where they are at as unique human beings living in our particular civilization (rather than some unattainable mystical — and possibly mythical — paradise), and you’ll be more likely to inspire them to understanding and taking up yoga and related practices than others might.

My Vision for You . . . is that you’ll be able to sit down with a Your Doctor or Therapist, and they will KNOW that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to your health and how it relates to yoga and yoga therapeutics, or Conscious Stretching if you prefer to call it that.

No, you won’t, of course, know anywhere near everything your doctor or therapist knows. But when it comes to Yoga and many related practices, and your personal situation and condition, you’ll know the relevant information, possibly better than they do, and a few things they don’t. And I am not talking about the kind of so-called “science” that will make them roll their eyes and think “woo-woo.”* Much of this is stuff they will think back and remember from medical school.

* Woo-woo is okay in certain settings and for certain people, but not when trying to convince most doctors about how such things work. And you’ll find none of the mystical stuff here on this site.

Yes, it will take some investment of your time, energy and brainpower, maybe even a lot of it. But if you make the investment, you will know how your body REALLY works, rather than much of the Mythology that is popular today. Rather than rely on the conclusions of others, you’ll be able to think through and feel for yourself how the principles work in each yoga posture and many of health the challenges you might encounter.

Yet, even if you do not want to know things at that level of depth, you will still find much in these pages that can help you become a better Yoga practitioner. It will especially help you prevent yoga and exercise related injuries in you, your family, and your friends.

Yes, it takes sustained mental power, just like the most prolific ancient and modern yoga scholars from the East and West who have extensive scientific and philosophical knowledge, and are rational enough thinkers to turn out huge amounts of high quality, written material. They have mastered the balance between the rational and non-rational modes of mind. They might prefer to spend lots of time in the non-rational, but they know and practice the value of both.

(And always remember, the NON-rational is not at all the same as IR-rational.)

And if you are interested in but not yet that good at the realm of rational thought, studying what you are passionate about is a good place to learn how to develop and balance your rational and non-rational self. BELOW is a Recommended Sequence with Links to Pages for the Overview of DSL Let-Go Yoga providing you a more detailed description of what DSL Let-Go Yoga is all about and what it has to offer you.

Now for some historical perspective on DSL Yoga. Here is a brief
Biography of DSL and the DSL Method of Yoga.:

Who Is DSL? . . . Brief Bio

 You can also access a more in-depth, comprehensive history of how the work was developed, and why. 

What Is DSL? . . . In-Depth History & Bio
For those of you who want more In-Depth Information on what DSL Let-Go Yoga is all about, this is a good starting point.

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