DSL Method of Let-Go Yoga • FUN-damentals of Physical/Mental Yoga & Let-Go Yoga Therapeutics
  • What Can Yoga Teachers Learn from Bodywork?
  • What Can Bodyworkers Learn from Yoga?
  • How To Integrate Medical Yoga Therapy with …
  • Myo-Structural Bodywork & BIO-Structural Balancing
  • How To Merge BOTH into a Whole Health System.
  • Increase Your VALUE to Your Students & Clients.

BETTER ANSWERS to the Puzzles of
Posture, Pain & Performance with a
Focus On Dysfunction & Prevention

Utilizing Myo-Structural & Medical Yoga Therapy
& Yoga-based, Hands-on, Myo-Structural Bodywork

“Application of these Teachings will take Yoga to new heights in the Western World. … The DSL Method makes profound sense.”

Lesli Hunter,  Yoga Teacher & Student
Sedona, Arizona

“You did for me in 4 hours what physiotherapy couldn’t do in 4 years. And, you gave me the tools to continue working on my own.”

Michelle Sands, Yoga Teacher
Montreal, Quebec

“David is doing cutting edge work in the field of bodywork, and it would take 3 or 4 teachers to replace what he knows.”

Tracy Hall, Physical Therapist
Chico, California


Author Image: David Scott Lynn (DSL) - Medical Yoga Therapy and Bodywork

David Scott Lynn is DSL…
Developer of
Let-Go Yoga &
DSL Edgework:
Yoga/Bodywork/Whole Health Therapeutics

 The DSL Method of:

• Let-Go Yoga
• Postural Yoga Therapy
• BIO-Structural Balancing
• Physical/Mental Yoga Principles

• Yoga & Exercise Injury Prevention …

with Yoga-based, Hands-on,
Myo-Structural Bodywork
as an Adjunctive Therapy
for Difficult Cases

Based on SEVEN Primary Components of an Integral, Whole Health System of Medical Yoga Therapy & Bodywork:

1. BodyMind Integration & Awareness

2. BIO-Structural Balancing & Postural Alignment

3. SCIENCES: Anatomy, Kinesiology, Physiology, Neurology

4. Edge-Touch™ Yoga Therapy & Asana Assists

5. Yoga-based, Hands-On, Myo-Structural Bodywork

6. Tai Chi-based Movement Therapy & Internal / External Ergonomics

7. Cross-Training in a Wide Range of Whole Health Modalities

An Integral Evolution of Western Perspectives
— with Essential Insights from the East —
in Yoga-based, Whole Health Therapies

Aging & Injury: Just Don't Do It! - Medical Yoga Therapy and Bodywork

“AGING ELEGANTLY” is greatly enhanced with low-intensity yoga & movement therapy for activating built-in self-healing processes.

“INJURY PREVENTION” comes from greater resilience and flexibility.

While the Comprehensive Method presented here is primarily for Professional Educators, Therapists & Trainers, seriously interested Students & Clients will benefit greatly.

Most material here is written such that anyone so motivated can understand the content.

CORE ELEMENTS of the DSL METHOD of Yoga & Bodywork

Mind-Body & Yin-Yang in Medical Yoga Therapy and Bodywork

1. BodyMind Integration & Integral Awareness
(Physical, Mental, Relational YOGA)

Health & Fitness, Flexibility & Strength with In-the-Moment FEELING & Self-Awareness coordinated with Reflective, Effective, Analytical Thinking.

Philosophical, Psychological & Physiological Principles & Techniques from Integral, Yogic (Conscious, Self-Aware) Perspectives.

DE-Stressing the BodyMind while DE-Contracting & Balancing the Muscles & Fascia, activation of
“YIN” or Parasympathetic Nerves.



Structural Alignment & Lumbar-Pelvis Illustration for Precise Medical Yoga Therapy and Bodywork

2. BIO-Structural Balancing & Postural Alignment

BIO = Biological — Integral — Optimal

Structurally DE-Compress & Balance your or your
Client’s Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Soft Tissues
and Joint structures.

Structural imbalances give CLUES as to what the nerves & brain are doing … or NOT doing. We “talk” to the nervous system & brain by way of the soft tissues.

Advanced Structural Anatomy & Functional Kinesiology
Includes YogasAnalysis & Yogic-Logic



Nervous System, Joint, GTOs behind Medical Yoga Therapy and Bodywork

3. Scientific Principles of Anatomy & Physiology

Structural Anatomy, Functional Kinesiology,
Neuromuscular / Myofascial Physiology &
Psycho-Kinetic Neurology

Control Systems of the BodyMind, especially the
Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial System

Keys to Injury Prevention in Yoga, Exercise & Movement



Yogic Logic & YogasAnalysis - Triangle & Lines of Energy - Medical Yoga Therapy and Bodywork

 4. DSL’s Method of Edge-Touch™ Asana Assists &
“Let-Go Yoga” … Medical Yoga Therapy

“Yogic Logic” Draws from Principles of:

  • Hatha (physical) Yoga
  • Jnana (mental) Yoga
  • Relational Yoga
  • “Yin” (Low Intensity) Yoga
  • BIO-Structural Analysis
  • YogasAnalysis (Designing Yoga Postures)

Apply Structural Balancing & Physical / Mental Yoga Principles to Postural Yoga Therapy



Yoga & Bodywork Education & Therapeutics - Medical Yoga Therapy and Bodywork

5. Hands-on, EdgeTouch,™ Myo-Structural Bodywork Therapy

Via Hands-on Myo-Structural Therapy, An Externally
Applied Form of Physical, Mental & Relational Yoga

Manual techniques, based on Principles of Physical, Mental & Relational Yoga, for reducing C.E.M.&.N.T. or Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress

Hands-on, structural bodywork is called for when the bodymind becomes less responsive to therapeutic postural yoga



Ergonomic Man & Tai Chi Man - Medical Yoga Therapy and Bodywork

6. Tai Chi-based Movement Therapy & Internal / External Ergonomics

Low Intensity, Tai Chi-based, Yin Yang Movement
Therapy & Exercise for Parasympathetic Activation
& Self-Healing

Tai Chi Movement is an excellent transition from “passive” yoga postures to more aggressive fitness-based exercise.

Life & Work Style Design, from the Inside Out,
including Work Station Design



Whole Health Body Systems - Medical Yoga Therapy and Bodywork

7. Cross-Training in Whole Health Disciplines

Widen & Deepen Your Knowledge with a Range
of Healing Philosophies, Principles & Modalities as well as many unique viewpoints on body systems

Principles of Diet & Nutrition, Naturopathy,
Homeopathy, Osteopathy,
Lymphology & Fitness Methods

Expand Your Educational Services Beyond Yoga &
Bodywork, Becoming MORE Valuable to Clients

(This is NOT Diagnosis & Treatment. It is Client Education & Advocacy)



“While DSL’s concept and execution of body work is nothing short of amazing, it is his approach to yoga that has been life altering for me. The profound yet subtle changes have reinvented not only my own practice, but the way I teach yoga as well. Of all the yoga techniques i’ve studied in the past 30 years, not only are David’s methods  what I’ve been searching for, but  the feedback from my students is equally as positive. I’m excited about teaching yoga again.”

Nan Araneo • Yoga Teacher
Rockport, Massachusetts
Former Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist

“Having had experience with many different bodyworkers, David’s technique is certainly unique. There are levels of healing he achieves I’ve never seen before. This is clearly a result of a vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology combined with decades of hands-on experience.”

Dr. John Bordiuk • Nutritional M.D.
Inner Balance Med • Wellesley, MA

(Dr. Bordiuk was a Yoga Teacher before attending Medical School)

“I have worked with many soft tissue therapists over the years. David Scott Lynn is the only one educated and skilled enough to do what I want with full confidence that the job will be done. My patients definitely feel the difference.”

Gary Fujinami • Doctor of Chiropractic
Prescott, Arizona

This system has been developed by DSL over the last several decades, and while it is VERY SIMPLE to get started, it is potentially deep & complex, as well.

You can jump down on this page for a list of webpages on this site describing much of how it all works and where to go from here, OR … if you want to know more about David and how the work was developed …

Learn More about David & The DSL Method
(Bio & History)

What Student’s & Clients Have Said About DSL

LEARN MORE about DSL’s Approach to Physical/Mental & Yoga,
Therapeutic Let-Go Yoga and The DSL Method of
Yoga/Bodywork/Whole Health Therapeutics:

FREE ARTICLES by David Scott Lynn

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The Simple Steps to Let-Go Yoga
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Therapeutic Yoga

 “I read David Scott Lynn’s book which I highly recommend for every massage therapist. I was amazed at how intricately he delves into and emphasizes, over and over from various angles, how our work mostly works to affect the nervous system in a variety of ways.
He explains ‘nervous system to myofascial relationships’ brilliantly!”

Dr. Michael A Koplen, DC
Santa Cruz Area, California

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Thanks for Reading about Medical Yoga Therapy and Bodywork,
David Scott Lynn (DSL*)
DSL: Your Hi-Touch Up-Link to the Inner-Net.
* Inner-Net: Your Psycho-Neuro-Musculo-Fascial Network.

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