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On a MAC, Option Click once on the Big Orange Download Button above, then, in drop down menu, select Download File As … to download your new Infographic directly to your computer or wherever you choose. OR, Clicking once on it can automatically download to your Downloads Folder, UNLESS you’ve previously reset your download location on your computer to a different location.

THEN, Double Click the file in your Downloads folder, OR Select Open In Preview from the drop down menu. … In Preview, use your Magnifying Glass or Zoom tool to expand to 100%

On PC,

OPTION #1 … Right Click on Big Orange Download Button above and a menu should appear. Then Right Click on link in the menu and select EITHER Open in New Tab or Open in New Window.

You should now see a small version of the blue with yellow infographic. Right click on THAT and Open in ANOTHER new window. You should see another small version of the infographic. Now, put your cursor over the small infographic, and a magnifying glass should appear. Click on the infographic and it should expand to full, readable size. … You can then save the file the way you would any other file.

OPTION #2 … Right Click on the Big Orange Download Button above and a menu should appear. Then select the “Save target as” or “Save link as” option.

If you “Saved As …” you can then browse in your file window to Find & Select the folder you want to place the file in … You should be able to open the file from there.

Alternatives for Viewing the Infographic:

On  MAC: When you Click ONCE on the Download Now button above, a New Window will open with a small view of the infographic in it. If you hover your cursor over the infographic, Option Click for a drop down menu and click Save In New Window. Go into that window, hover over the graphics  and a small magnifying glass will appear. Click once, and the infographic should expand to full viewing size.

On PC: In Firefox, same as above for Mac. In Internet Explorer, you might have to click the Page menu, and go to Compatibility View, click on that. Then hover over the small infographic, and a magnifying glass should show. Click and it should expand.


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