How To Prevent Your Anti-Spam Filters
from Eating Messages You Want To See!

Hello Again,

(If you know what Whitelisting is and how to do it, you can safely ignore this message.)

This message is to help make sure you receive e-mailings from me and the DSL Let-Go Yoga Website.

You will need to take a few steps here if you want to reliably receive what I send you.

I have a little explanation here of what we want to do and why, and then some DESCRIPTIONS of exactly how to do it.

THE PROBLEM: in case you don’t really know, SPAM is unwanted e-mail sent by unscrupulous marketers who care about no-one or no-thing but themselves and getting money. Huge quantities of Spam now clog the internet e-mail delivery systems, like a huge Los Angeles rush hour traffic jam. It has become a really a big — and often expensive — problem for a lot of people. Many people receive hundreds, some get thousands, of Spam e-mails every day.

So the internet service providers, friendly guys and gals that they are, decided it would be a good idea to filter out as much of that spam as possible before it even got near your e-mail box. Problem is that sometimes messages that you actually DO want to receive get trapped in the Spam filters, never to be seen again, unless you look through your Spam box on a regular basis. — Sometimes, a LOT of non-Spam messages go to Spam Heaven (or, more probably, the other place.)


… is to go into your e-mail program (on your computer) and list my e-mail address as approved to get through your Spam filters. If the program asks you whether to include e-mail from all addresses at that domain — — please click YES.

You also should do that process at your Internet Service Provider (ISP), as they might block it there, too. Your ISP is the company that you signed up with to send and receive e-mail through.

BY-THE-WAY: You want to make sure that ANY of the e-mail domains you want to receive e-mail from is in your preferred recipient lists, including your Mom, Dad or Whoever. (The domain, by-the-way, is the part of the e-mail address after the @ symbol.)

So please open your e-mail program and make sure you add, or have added, my e-mail address, to your contact list.

That e-mail address should be:

If you don’t know how to do this, I have provided access to some instructions below.

You should make sure you do this for ALL of the people, businesses and services that you want to receive e-mail from. Otherwise, they might send you stuff that you never see. — And that would be a Bummer!

So, here is what you can do to help the situation:


In the email program on your computer (the one you are reading your emails in, or all of them if you have more than one) there is most likely some kind of Contact List or Address Book or Senders List.

NOTE: If you are ONLY using web-based e-mail, like Gmail, or Yahoo, Hotmail, etc, and NOT using the-mail program on your computer, then you have to do this in the control panel at your e-mail service provider. In that case, the following steps will not be necessary.

On a Macintosh, IF you are using OS X and the built in e-mail program called Mail: The Address Book is separate from Mail, but well integrated. If you have an e-mail from me open, you can click on the Contextual Menu (Click and hold on the relevant e-mail address in the e-mail Header while holding down the Option key. A menu pops up, or down, that says Add to Address Book. Do that to get me in there. You can also fill in other contact details in Address Book if you  want, but as long as you have the e-mail address in there, you are good to go.

On a Windows machine, there a number of options for e-mail applications, but way too many for me to try and describe here. You can, however, go to the following page that has instructions for many e-mail programs, including G-Mail and Macintosh Mail.

Windows, Mac & G-Mail e-Mail Whitelisting

You’ll find a table listing many e-mail programs (often called e-mail “Clients”) with instructions on how to set up Whitelisting. I set it so that their website page will open in a new window so you can come RIGHT back to MY website when you are done.  😆


Now, a little more tricky is getting the same e-mail address listed at your internet service or e-mail provider.

I’m not the worlds most Tech Savvy Guy, so on the SAME Whitelisting page of the above linked website is a list of various e-mail providers and SPAM Protection methods, and how to Whitelist in those places too.

If you have an unusual e-mail system, and the above pages do not help, Try This Whitelisting Page at another site I go to.

Okay, thanks for working with me on this, and Take Care,

David Scott Lynn (DSL)
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