Common Causes of Injury

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    Thank You Very Much for Downloading Your Infographic on Ten Common Causes of Yoga Injures. … To Download it to your computer, Please scroll down about half way down this page and CLICK on the Big Yellow Download Button.

    BUT Before You Go … Please Note that ALSO on this page, below your FREE download button, I’m offering you Instant Access to my BRAND NEW Video Presentation delving into many of the important issues — and SOLUTIONS — of Yoga Injury Prevention. It’s titled:

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    Yoga Injury Prevention

    Strategies for Safe &
    Effective Practice

    Maximize Results
    Minimize Injury

    in the Practice & Teaching of
    Physical/Mental Yoga
    & Yoga Therapeutics

    AND, as an Option,
    “Conscious Stretching” (Yoga) as an Integral
    Adjunct to Massage & Bodywork Therapy.
    And, of course, Yogis can learn from Bodyworkers


    It’s well over an hour long, packed with important & useful insights and knowledge. Much of it is VERY scientifically based, and it’s like a Mini-Seminar on Yoga & Yoga Therapy making a BIG difference in how you DO and THINK about yoga (or yoga-based bodywork) from NOW ON (and how you Teach if you’re a teacher). …

    And it’s only $7 if you purchase it before you close this window. 

    You can have that Video Presentation in a matter of minutes via the Order Now Button further below your Download Button for your new Infographic.
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    Here is your FREE Infographic on
    Common Yoga Injuries:

    If You CLICK on the Big Yellow Button just BELOW, or the Quarter-size-view to your LEFT, a little, narrow screen should pop up with a thumbnail image of your Infographic. You will either Left or Right click on the thumbnail (depending on whether you are using a Mac or a PC) to download the infographic to your machine.

    Download Your FREE Infographic on Common Causes of Yoga


    PLEASE NOTE: Depending on your computer & program, once it’s downloaded to your machine, you might have to CLICK on the Infographic to make it larger & readable. … If you have ANY issues at all, please e-mail me at dsl (at) dslyoga (dot) com … Thanks, DSL

    THEN, after you’ve downloaded your Infographic,
    in my Video Presentation on

    Yoga Injury Prevention:

    Strategies for Safe & Effective Practice

    You’ll learn about:

    • The Realities of Who Gets Yoga Injuries

    • “World Class” Yogis Getting Injuries & even SURGERIES

    • Some Primary Causes of Yoga Injuries

    • Why “Proper Alignment” is NOT your Main Solution

    • Why Joint Compression is One of Your Biggest Concerns

    • Why FORCING a posture WILL increase Joint Compression

    • How to GET CONTROL by LETTING GO of Tension & Stress

    • How the Meditative Mind works in Physical Yoga

    • Why NO Pain (nor “Irritation”) Means MORE Gain

    • How Creating “Lines of Energy” DE-Compresses Your Joints

    • My Simple Steps for Maximizing Results in Yoga while Preventing Injury

    • My 12 Principles for Enhancing & Deepening Your Yoga Practice, making it far more Effective, Efficient & SAFE!

    And Much, MUCH More

    This Video Presentation is a GREAT Introduction to my more comprehensive system of Let-Go Yoga.

    Here is your One Time Opportunity to receive this Video Presentation for only $7.

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