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Who and What Is DSL? . . .

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David Scott Lynn has been practicing yoga since 1974. There have been several periods of many months at at time of doing 3 to 4 hours of yoga per day, 4 to 6 days per week.

David has been teaching yoga since 1976, when he studied intensively at a one month, residential intensive with Joel Kramer & Diana Alstad. (Joel is credited by many to be the “First American Yoga Master” and “Father of American Yoga.” Joel was yogi-in-residence at Esalen Institute during the late sixties. Diana, a full academic professor in her twenties, has been Joel’s partner since the late 1960’s.)

Since 1982, David has practiced his own system of hands-on, BIO-Structural Bodywork, which is based in part on the principles of physical, mental & relational yoga he learned from Joel & Diana. He was also strongly influenced in his bodywork knowledge & skills by Daniel Blake, a direct student of Ida Rolf, (founder of Rolfing®, or Structural Integration). David’s basic hands-on release technique was learned from his friend Eugene Donaldson, who became a co-founder of Educating Hands Massage Therapy School in Miami, Florida.

The DSL Method of Yoga/Bodywork/Whole Health Therapeutics got its start, in part, because of severe pain and dysfunction David sustained in his teens and early twenties from racing (and crashing!) motorcycles and as a heavy construction worker (structural ironwork). He used a combination of Kramer’s physical/mental yoga and Blake’s structural evaluation system to substantially resolve most of those musculoskeletal issues, and then developed his hands-on bodywork system on what he learned about the bodymind and releasing tension during that self-healing process.

In turn, as he was teaching his work to massage & bodywork therapists, the DSL Method of Let-Go Yoga was also modified and enhanced by what David learned in private sessions with people who had significant neuro-muscular and myo-fascial problems, many of whom had been given up on by both orthodox and alternative practitioners.

Along the way, David has done extensive study of the physical sciences — structural anatomy, postural kinesiology, physiology, neurophysiology, pathology, etc. — to understand and enhance the healing potentials of yoga and bodywork as an integrated system. There is a strong philosophical & psychological background to the work, as well.

David is now returning to training students, primary via on-line e-Courses. His focus is on yoga teachers & yoga therapists, as well as massage & bodywork therapists.

He is also available to speak to the General Public on Chronic, Excess Muscle & Nerve Tension & Stress, (C.E.M.&.N.T.S.) as well as yoga, bodywork, and related bodymind topics.

Click Here for a More Complete Biographical History of David and the Development of his work: DSL Let-Go Yoga and DSL EdgeWork: Yoga/Bodywork Therapeutics.

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