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    Foundational Workshops in Yoga & Bodywork Courses in Whole Health Therapeutics:

    Strategies, Techniques & Skills You Can Use
    in Your Practice the Very Next Day Taught Personally by DSL

    Maximum EIGHT (6) Students per In-Person Course,
    OR TWELVE (12) Students per On-Line e-Course
    Ensuring Your Direct, Personal Interaction with DSL

    1. DE-Constructing DSL’s Let-Go Yoga Method & Yoga-based, Hands-on Bodywork Release Techniques for BIO-Structural Decompression, Tension Reduction & Postural Balance

    • Internal Dynamics of Physical / Mental Yoga & Let-Go Yoga
    • Working with Physical & Mental Edges of Pain, Fear & Resistance
    • The Nature of C.E.M.&.N.T.S.: A Primary Source of Soft Tissue Issues
    • Using Postural Yoga, Yoga Touch-Assists in Yoga Practice & Therapy
    • DSL’s Basic Hands-on Release Technique for Tension, Stress & Adhesions
    • FEEL & SEE Fine Details of How Yoga & Bodywork Work from Inside Out
    • Facilitate Clients to Feel, Relax, Lengthen & Balance Musculo-Fascial Units
    • Effecticient & Safe Body Mechanics & Force Application for Safe Practice
    • Introduction to Injury Prevention & Repair in Yoga, Stretching & Exercise and Massage/Bodywork

    2. BIO-Structural Balancing & Postural Analysis

    • Physical Sciences to SEE the Body in Gravity more “Effecticiently”
    • Neuro-Structural Sciences to Evaluate the Sources of Structural Imbalance
    • Advanced Structural Anatomy & Functional/Postural Kinesiology
    • Analyzing & Working with Locked-Short & Locked-Long Muscles
    • Practice of Evaluations on Class Participants

    3. Self-Care & Injury Prevention & Repair for Yogis & Therapists

    • How & Why so many are getting injuries. (It’s NOT always about “alignment”)
    • The Harmony of a Structural Approach to Yoga, Tai Chi & Bodywork
    • Using a Combination of Yoga, Tai Chi & Bodywork for Self-Care & Repair
    • DSL’s little Known “Secrets” to Body Mechanics for Teachers & Therapists
    • 12 Principles of Massage & Bodywork Body Mechanics & Self Maintenance
    • Developing Personal “Routines” based on Your Own Conditions & Symptoms

    4. Neuro-Structural & Musculo-Fascial Sciences

    • A Full Day of Sciences ONLY — For the Science Oriented Practitioner
    • How to APPLY NeuroMuscular & Myofascial Laws in Daily Practice
    • Nature of Pain & Sensation, Habit Formation, Feedback/Response Loops, DE-Sensitization, multiple other topics
    • Includes Advanced Anatomy & Kinesiology, Neurology, Homeopathic & Naturopathic Principles, insights from Osteopathy & Chiropractic

    5. YogasAnalysis, Yogic-Logic & Postural Yoga Therapy

    • Applying Neuro-Structural Anatomy, Physiology & Neurology to:
    • BIO-Structural Balancing & Postural Analysis and:
    • Yoga Posture Creation and:
    • Pathology Evaluation

    6. Adjunctive Release & Exercise Techniques

    • Chair & Baby Boomer Yoga & Bodywork
    • Traction and Rocking & Rolling
    • Tai Chi/Chi Kung-based Integrative Movement Therapy
    • Internal & External Ergonomics with Life- & Work-Style Design
    • SECC: Strength, Endurance, Cardio & gross Coordination

    7. Supervised Therapy Practicum

    • Perform 3 hour sessions on each other under supervision from DSL
    • Full Body Reading Before, During & After
    • Full Attention to Body Mechanics & Force Generation
    • De-Briefing after Sessions
    • PRE-REQUISITE: Workshop #s 1 & 2

    8. A Philosophy, Psychology & Science of Being Human

    • A Western approach to how the human bodymind thinks, feels & meditates
    • WHAT is a Human Being? … WHO Am I in that Beingness?
    • Levels of Consciousness from a NON-mystical perspective
    • The Balance between Individuation & Collectivization
    • Relational Yoga & the Interactor Model of Therapy; Rules of Therapy


    In-Person in Arizona

    A series of One-Day Workshops in Downtown Phoenix

    On-Line via Cellphone, Skype and Internet

    Telephone e-Coaching and On-line Trainings

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