Scientifically Sound, Medically Accepted Principles

Nervous System, Joint, GTOs3. Scientifically sound, medically accepted principles of Structural Anatomy, Functional Kinesiology, Neuromuscular/Myofascial Physiology and Neurology, as well as a wide range of explorations into a Philosophy & Psychology of Being Human. And we might argue the effectiveness and safety of Orthodox Medicine for their methods of treating chronic, life-style dependent illness, but orthodox medicine does have incredible depth of very useful research into and knowledge of the actual workings of the Structure & Function of the human body.

These sciences provide a strong foundation on which to base our understandings and assessments, and what to do about them, for the conditions and challenges of many human beings today. And the much maligned Scientific Method actually provides excellent checks & balances on our thinking and analytical processes to keep us on a correct track.

Added to that is DSL’s life-long explorations, from many very different philosophies & techniques, including both Eastern & Western Perspectives, of what it means to be a human being (philosophy), how the mind & brain works and influences all our actions, and vice versa (psychology), and the very nature of health & sickness, of well-being & disease. We are, of course, especially cognizant of the mental and emotional components of soft tissue pain.

Anatomy & Physiology - Golgi Tendon Organs

An Integral Evolution in Yoga-based Therapies

The above Four Elements are brought together in an Integral, Comprehensive System that, in great part, can be explored and worked with in Physical/Mental & Relational Yoga, and expresses itself in Postural Yoga. However it should be noted that in the DSL Method, and as David was taught by Joel Kramer, the focus is NOT on achieving “Perfect Alignment” in the poses, but using physical/mental yoga postures as a Tool of Exploration of who we are as unique human beings, how our various processes work, and what we as human beings are as a species.

The Key, then, is to never force or coerce the bodymind, but to explore, discover and ALLOW the body, to move deeper into postures (or asana). This is an important key to Injury Prevention in yoga, exercise and movement in general.

Yet if your ONLY INTEREST is in the physical stretching with a more conscious component, you can get immense benefit from the perspectives & techniques presented here. You do NOT need to get into the philosophical & psychological parts to benefit. … But it helps!

This system has been developed by DSL over the last several decades, and while it is VERY SIMPLE to get started, it is potentially deep & complex, as well.

You can jump down on this page for a list of webpages on this site describing much of how it all works and where to go from here, OR … if you want to know more about David and how the work was developed …

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 “I read David Scott Lynn’s book which I highly recommend for every massage therapist. I was amazed at how intricately he delves into and emphasizes, over and over from various angles, how our work mostly works to affect the nervous system in a variety of ways.
He explains ‘nervous system to myofascial relationships’ brilliantly!”

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