Hands-on, Structural Bodywork Therapy

Yoga & Bodywork Education & Therapeutics5. Hands-on, Structural Bodywork Therapy is a tool to use, when necessary, in conjunction with yoga postures. OR, in severe trauma, injury or VERY chronically held tensions & stress, hands-on, therapeutic work can open doors in minutes or hours that might require weeks or months with “stretching.” That’s even with VERY conscious, yogic stretching. Sometimes, the physical stress & tensions are so locked in, “being aware” and “yogic stretching,” even at a very deep level, are not enough. In such cases, the hands-on work can be far more efficient & effective.

Ideally, the hands-on work is delivered by the hands-on therapist as an Externally Applied Form of Physical, Mental & Relational Yoga. For one example, while in a yoga posture, relatively light (Edge-Touch), hands-on “assists” can greatly expand, deepen and enhance the Student’s or Client’s experience and results. In more therapeutic situations, hands-on work might, for a time, replace the postures until the inertia of past trauma and/or injury is reduced substantially.

And, the Client is encouraged to stay observant of their inner processes and sensations, and communicate those to the therapist. This makes for a far more productive session.

DSL’s hands-on work has similarities to neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, shiatsu, and other such modalities. There are similarities to Rolfing®, Hellerwork®, and other structural therapies. However, most people who’ve experienced DSL’s work say no one really does what he does. His approach is unique and highly “effecticient.” (Effecticient = Effective plus Efficient, as they are best when they arrive together.)

The DSL Method of Yoga & Bodywork incorporates a wide range of knowledge, experience and skill that is hard to match in today’s excessively specialized and narrow “scope of practice” world.

“Having had experience with many different bodyworkers, David’s technique is certainly unique. There are levels of healing he achieves I’ve never seen before. This is clearly a result of a vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology combined with decades of hands-on experience.”

Dr. John Bordiuk, Nutritional M.D.
Inner Balance Med, Wellesley, MA

(Dr. Bordiuk was a Yoga Teacher before attending Medical School)

“I have worked with many soft tissue therapists over the years. David Scott Lynn is the only one educated and skilled enough to do what I want with full confidence that the job will be done. My patients definitely feel the difference.”

Gary Fujinami, Doctor of Chiropractic
Prescott, Arizona

This system has been developed by DSL over the last several decades, and while it is VERY SIMPLE to get started, it is potentially deep & complex, as well.

You can jump down on this page for a list of webpages on this site describing much of how it all works and where to go from here, OR … if you want to know more about David and how the work was developed …

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 “I read David Scott Lynn’s book which I highly recommend for every massage therapist. I was amazed at how intricately he delves into and emphasizes, over and over from various angles, how our work mostly works to affect the nervous system in a variety of ways.
He explains ‘nervous system to myofascial relationships’ brilliantly!”

Dr. Michael A Koplen, DC
Santa Cruz Area, California

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Beginning at 13 years of age, DSL's been involved with alternative philosophies & practices most of his life. Becoming a yoga teacher in 1976, then a hands-on bodyworker in 1981, he developed a unique & highly effective form of Yoga / Bodywork / Whole Health Fitness & Therapeutics. … David wrote the chapters on a wholistic philosophy & physiology of bodywork & stretching for the textbook Structural Balancing, published by McGraw-Hill, Inc. in 2010. … He is the author of Simple Steps to Let-Go Yoga, available at: www.letgoyoga.com/simple-steps/ … Several other e-books and e-courses are soon forthcoming at www.letgoyoga.com/dsl-publications/ … David consults with Kyle C. Wright on massage school development at the Schools of Advanced Bodywork at http://kylecwright.com/structural-balancing-a-clinical-approach/co-author-dsl/ .
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