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The ONLY Person Who Can
PREVENT Yoga Injuries is YOU!


Because Ultimately, there are NO totally omniscient teachers or gurus or masters or even No More Aging: Yoga Injury Preventiontherapists who can tell exactly, for sure, what’s going on in any particular yoga posture in your bodymind, nor know For Sure they can offer you FULL yoga injury prevention.

Even the top teachers or “World Class Masters” in yoga have occasionally misread the body of a student and pushed them WAY too hard, causing injury. …

Sometimes, severe injury.

In some cases, the damage is immediate, in others, the damage is more subtle and incremental, very slowly accumulating over months or even years. A few of the injured World Class Yoga Teachers took DECADES before they realized they were on their way to a Bad Scene and ended up with surgeries of the hip, knee, low back, or other body parts.

Yoga Injury Prevention Is Up To YOU!

Your Instructor WON’T Always Know!

It is, therefore, YOUR responsibility to learn & develop your own INTERNAL ABILITY to Monitor & Moderate Yourself such that you do not get yourself into situations causing injury. This is about increasing your internal sensitivity and ability to interpret what’s REALLY going in your body & mind, and developing better, more “kinesthetically intelligent” ways to respond to what you feel.

with Your Instructors:

They can give you feedback, they can suggest, they can even verbally encourage you to, for example, see if you can go deeper into a posture, or change the angle of movement. …

But only under your own power,
NOT with the instructor forcing you. …

Yoga should NOT be Marine-style Bootcamp!

They can even give you gentle prodding or subtle “adjustments” SUGGESTING where your body should go, yet without either you or them forcing it.

BUT, the Agreement is they WILL NOT verbally intimidate or physically force you to do anything you are not VERY sure your body is ready for. … Yes, you might not get as deep, as fast into your yoga postures, nor will you even CARE (ideally). … But you will stay MUCH safer.

Paradoxically, if improving your over all HEALTH is of a higher priority, you will get FAR more benefit from this approach to your yoga.

LOW Intensity Yoga

I call it Minimum to Moderate Edge Yoga, relying more on naturopathic principles of natural healing rather than aggressive fitness principles. … You need to spend some time doing yoga at low levels of intensity, NOT going vey deep at all. Here, your objective is to get to KNOW your body more intimately. High intensity sensations actually inhibit or block the more subtle sensations you NEED to more intimately FEEL.

Yes, yoga can be used more for fitness if you want, but Fitness and Health are on two ends of a spectrum. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to do ONE type of exercise to develop both ends of the spectrum.

That principle is described in my FREE Infographic on Common Causes of Yoga Injury, available HERE. OR, click the mini-version of the Infographic off to the Right ===>>>Common Causes of Yoga Injury for Yoga Injury Prevention

The Consequences of not following these or similar instructions or guidelines can lead to a host of problems, especially Joint Compression. It is such compression contributing  to degenerative joint disease, leading to dysfunction, pain, suffering, and possibly surgery.

You also risk straining or even tearing tissues in the muscles, tendons and fascia. Sometimes these strains and tears happen at a microscopic level, and accumulate over time. … But lots of micros end up equaling a MACRO!

And if you are a Yoga Teacher, (meaning you are even MORE likely to hurt yourself) you might not be able to demonstrate certain, or any, yoga postures! … Not a Good Situation!

Yoga is Safer Than GOLF!

Now, it IS true. Yoga is, statistically speaking, SAFER than GOLF! But a funny thing about statistics: Even if it is only .035 percent (that’s only 3.5 practitioners out of 10,000!)* who get injured, if YOU are one of them, then for YOU, it is a 100 percent deal!

* Eva Norlyk Smith, Ph.D., writing at Huffington Post

Now, up until a few years ago, all this “injury stuff” was sort of a Deep, Dark Secret about how certain world-class yoga teachers, being taught by world-class gurus, were and are getting injured, sometimes severely. You can read more about that in my DSL e-Report on Yoga Injuries, but the story was broken open by William J. Broad in an article appearing in the New York Times …

Quoting from my e-Report:

Does Yoga “Wreck” The Body?

Now, this is an unfortunate way for yoga to end up in the news, but there are many ways one can injure themselves in physical yoga (AKA, postures or asana). And if the story wasn’t being talked about enough, the New York Times article in January of 2013,  broke the story wide open. The article was based on the book titled The Science of Yoga by William J. Broad. Right or wrong, it caused quite a stir in the yoga community.

And, according to the YogAlign.com website (created by Michaelle Edwards, LMT, ERYT) several very prominent yoga teachers suffered an apparent need for single or double hip replacements and other surgeries. …

Anyway, with millions of people doing yoga and millions more doing some form of stretching, it pays to know something about how these injuries happen, and how to prevent them. And, the same principles apply for a lot of different exercises and athletic activities.


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