Don’t Get Stuck with a Pelvic Tuck

How The Pelvic Tuck
Causes Disc Compression

posterior tilt, pelvic tuck

Here is a normal (on left) and a posterior tucked (on right) pelvis. Note compression at the L-5/S-1 and L-4/L-5 vertebral joints and disks

There are many instructions leading to compression, and eventual degeneration, of the Lumbo / Sacral Joint. They include “tuck the pelvis,” or “scoop the sacrum,” or “drop the tailbone,” or “lengthen the spine,” or “flatten the lower back,” or “draw the pubic bone toward the sternum,” and so on.

What the Pelvic Tuck actually is, is a slight to moderate posterior tilting of the pelvis, based on the very common Myth-Conception that too many people have excess lordosis and anterior tilt of the pelvis.

Many disciplines are doing this pelvic tuck action with the FLAWED idea that it “protects the spine” or “stabilizes the core” or whatever: yoga, tai chi, Pilates, ballet, fitness, and so on are prescribing this action to their students and clients as “essential.”

I call it one of the Health Care Tragedies of the 20th Century.

It’s also a good way to mess up the Pelvic Floor.

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